7 Smart cleaning devices to make light of spring cleaning

Bad news: if you have a place to live and it’s spring, it’s officially time for spring cleaning. The good news? There’s plenty of technology that can lend a helping hand. From deep-cleaning your floors to making your windows sparkle, these smart cleaning devices will get the job done.

7 Smart cleaning devices to make light of spring cleaning
  • Why do we spring clean? Clearing out the winter blues, spring is the perfect time to air out the home as you can leave your windows and doors open. Plus, the nicer weather is the perfect time to become more active after a long winter.
  • I hate vacuuming. What are the best robot vacuums? We’ve got a couple on the list below but feel free to check them all out here.
  • Are there any other cool robots in addition to the ones below? Of course! Check out our entire category of robots here.

Fresh air, blossoming flowers, warmer temperatures – you guessed it: spring has sprung. While this may get your mind buzzing with all the fun you’ll have in the warm weather, don’t forget the one task that stands in your way: spring cleaning.

Before you freak out! Wipe the sweat from your brow and take a deep breath. We wouldn’t leave you hanging like that. In fact, we’ve got plenty of smart cleaning devices that are here to offer a deep clean for your home.

Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Intelligent, compact, and totally autonomous – this robot vacuum cleaner puts in all the elbow grease so you don’t have to. Featuring an ultra-fine air filter, it’s complete with a 1.5-hour battery life so it can tackle all your floors in one go. Choose to have it do its thing in the background or use the included remote to focus on certain areas of your floor.

Winbot 950 Automatic Window Cleaning Robot

Like something out of a sci-fi film, the Winbot 950 attaches to your windows to automatically clean them. Employing a four-stage cleaning system, it uses a four-sided microfiber cleaning cloth as well as a wraparound squeegee. With a 16-foot power cable, it can reach even the highest of windows with ease.

iRobot Mirra 530 Pool Cleaning Robot

Having a pool is great until you have to clean it. Luckily, the Mirra 530 is here to help. Simply pop it in the water and press clean. The robot instantly gets to work with its built-in vacuum, filter, and pump. It captures everything from leaves to hair to algae so you can enjoy your pool again.

WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

The tricky thing about having a beautiful lawn is mowing it on time. The Landroid is a robotic lawn mower that lets you totally customize your mowing schedule. It has reduced noise and can even tackle hills up to 20 degrees with ease, meaning you never have to worry about your grass getting too long.

Dyson V11 Absolute Handheld Cord-Free Vacuum

With all the vacuums on the market, it can be hard to figure out which one is actually the best. The Dyson V11 blows the competition out of the water with its cordless design, powerful 360rps motor, and attached High Torque cleaner. All this comes together to handle everything from ground dirt on carpet to spilled messes on hard floors.

Clairy Natural Air Purifier

Clairy is the smart solution to the problem of indoor air pollution: it has a filtration system with a double pot, that works thanks to the principle of phytoremediation and takes it to the next level, amplifying the natural process of the plants. It is also smart and hi-tech: you can connect it via Wi-Fi to your smartphone and, thanks to the mobile app, you can get real-time pollution analysis of your indoor space.

Roomba 890 Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum

This incredibly intelligent home cleaner comes with a Wi-Fi connection so you can control it with ease. In true iRobot style, the Roomba 890 automatically cleans your floors while avoiding obstacles. It even works with Alexa so your clean floors are just a simple voice command away.

Do you have any spring cleaning tips or tricks you can share? Let us know in the comments!

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