9 Social Media Hacks for Crowdfunding Campaigns

9 Social Media Hacks for Crowdfunding Campaigns

We’ve talked about this many times before and, by now, I think you’re aware of the importance of social media hacks for your crowdfunding campaign. However, if I had to add something new to everything you’ve already heard before, I’d say that social media is changing every single day. Whether it’s the latest highlights feature from Instagram or the continuous development of the Facebook Ads manager, you need to keep up with the pace of these continuous changes, primarily because marketing from the perspective of your brand or business is an entirely different picture. You need to know how to do it right or you’re certainly doomed in the long run.

9 Social Media Hacks for Crowdfunding Campaigns

But, this time, I am not going to talk about how to strategize your social media campaigns from scratch. My focus here is to give nine useful social media hacks I think will be super handy for your crowdfunding campaign. In fact, these little tips and tactics can actually help you build a strong social media presence and brand value in the long run.

Do Split Tests at the Ad Set Level

We do know the importance of Facebook Ads while building your initial user base. Now, Facebook gives you a plethora of Ad options to make sure you get the most of the money you spend on your ads. So, while designing your ads, make sure you do your split tests at the Ad Set level to identify the most engaging audience base for your campaign. Only then can you move to split testing at the ad level for the perfect ad.

9 Social Media Hacks for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Engage Under Twitter and Instagram Hashtags

Simply getting followers on your profile is never going to be enough. You need to make sure you’re engaging with your followers at the same time. Use tools like Hashtagify to determine the right hashtags for your campaign and then engage with the people using that hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. The more you do so, the more engaging your social media presence will be.

Highlight Your Most Important Instagram Stories

Thanks to Instagram’s recent feature, you can now highlight your stories for an unlimited span of time on your profile. With 300M daily active users, it would be unwise to not use Instagram stories for your campaign promotion. In fact, it’s the only way you can actually lead people directly to your campaign page if you have a business profile on Instagram.

Use Targeted Keywords in Bios

Since Google crawls your social media profile bios, it’s important to use your most targeted keywords in them. Make sure the first 160 characters have your campaign keywords without spamming the entire space.

Hunt for Relevant Instagram Comment Pods

Instagram comment pods are a great technique by which you can join into group chats with a relevant user base and engage in a conversation with each other’s profiles. You get to like and comment on someone’s profile and vice versa. As a result, all users in the pod get genuine engagement in their profiles which will enhance their social media scores in the long run.

Do Frequent Polls for User Feedback

Most social media channels such as Instagram Stories and Twitter as well as Facebook groups give you the opportunity to conduct polls. Make use of this feature and try to get valuable feedback from your followers. This could be anything from discussing a product feature or new color or even the name of your product!

9 Social Media Hacks for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Join Reddit or Quora

These user-generated platforms are best to look for more engagement. Go ahead and hunt for threads related to your product category or brand and try to participate in the discussions. It will not only increase your social media score but also add more value to your campaign.

Use Facebook Messenger at Its Best

Facebook is making its platform easier for businesses to communicate with their users. One great way to do so is Messenger. Use it wisely. Make sure you’re replying to the queries on time. A great way to get rid of more emails and enjoy chatting instead.

Long Pins on Pinterest Do Better

For those of you who have products that are visually sound, use Pinterest to promote them heavily. But, make sure to design your pins longer in length to grab more space in the feed.

With that said, I would now like to hear more from you on this front. Have you used any specific hack on social media that turned out to be useful for your campaign? Let us know in the comments below.

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