Addicted to Tech? PupilBox Saves Your Tired Eyes

Addicted to Tech? PupilBox Saves Your Tired Eyes

From tweets to spreadsheets, most of us spend hours staring at screens every day. It’s not healthy for any part of your anatomy, least of all your eyes. The PupilBox Vision Protection kit saves your tired eyes with blue-light filtering glasses and a specialist lightbulb.

– Blue-light filtering glasses help to reduce glare from screens

– Bulb provides warm light, helping you get to sleep at night

– Kit also includes artificial tears to refresh your eyes

Saving tired eyes

After a long day at work, the natural impulse is to relax. For many of us, this means laughing at viral videos and doing those daft Facebook personality tests.

Unfortunately, these activities add insult to injury for your hard-working eyes. In addition, the blue glare keeps your brain awake at night. Bright blue light has also been linked to macular degeneration. Children are particularly at risk of eye damage.

tired eyes kit review

PupilBox provides several tools for protecting your vision. Firstly, you get a nice pair of specs. You won’t find these at the optometrist — they are purely for reducing glare. This helps to quieten your mind at night and prevent eyestrain. There are 11 styles to choose from, and three different levels of protection.

tired eyes kit review

[tweet_box]PupilBox protects your tired eyes with blue-light filtering glasses and a specialist lightbulb[/tweet_box]

Another line of defense is the PupilBulb. Whereas LED and CFL lights emit that nasty blue stuff, this clever bulb gives off slightly warmer light. It is still perfectly bright enough for working during the day, but it won’t keep you alert at bedtime.

The box also contains “artificial tears”, otherwise known as eye drops. Normally speaking, humans blink 15 or 16 times per minute. While staring at a screen, those same humans tend to blink only 5 or 6 times each minute. The PupilBox tears simply replace the lost moisture, making your eyes more comfortable.

tired eyes kit review

“PupilBox is designed to be a purposeful, holistic solution to better visual health for all visual lifestyles.” — PupilBox on Kickstarter

What we ❤️

We all spend too much time using screens, and this box could save your eyesight.

tired eyes kit review

Future designs

More lighting solutions would be great.


Via PupilBox’s Kickstarter campaign, you can now pre-order the PupilBox glasses alone for $49 or grab the kit for $69. Shipping is due to commence in September of this year.

Were you aware of the issues of excess screen time? Share your experiences in the comments!

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