This insulated adventure bag is perfect for your next bike ride

If your idea of a great summer involves lots of time outdoors on your bike, in your kayak, or hiking a new trail, you’ll want to make sure you’ll always have everything you need, right next to you. You’ll also want to make sure your snacks stay protected and cool because it’s no fun being on an adventure when your provisions have been destroyed. That’s why you should check out this insulated adventure bag.

This insulated adventure bag is perfect for your next bike ride
Stashers Modular Insulated Adventure Bags on a Bike

If you’ve been planning a special bike ride for months, or just want to spend time outdoors with your family this summer, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got all the right gear. And in this case, there’s one more essential item to add to your list; the Stashers Modular Insulated Adventure Bag. No matter where your activities take you this summer, this bag will keep your snacks cool and your necessary items protected.

No matter what sport you’re doing, you want to look the part and be well-equipped. With biking, you need a great bike, helmet, and maybe even gloves if you’re a serious cyclist. But this insulated adventure bag from Stashers, helps you look prepared in a modern way. With its modular design, you decide how much bag you want to take with you. And the stylish black, orange, green, and floral colors echo the nature you love and is a visual reminder of your sporty lifestyle. Strap it to your handlebars, bike frame, and other backpacks, this bag is easy to carry everywhere.

Stashers Modular Insulated Adventure Bag

Modular Insulated Adventure Bag with a Family

Stashers Modular Insulated Adventure Bag

Stashers Modular Insulated Adventure Bag on a bike frame

Stashers Modular Insulated Adventure Bag

Stashers Modular Insulated Adventure Bag on a Man’s Back

Stashers Modular Insulated Adventure Bag

Modular Insulated Adventure Bag on a Handlebar

Stashers Modular Insulated Adventure Bag

Stashers Modular Insulated Adventure Bag on a Bicycle

The modular design makes these carry-alls super convenient

Another design element you’ll notice on this insulated adventure bag is the wide, durable straps that reach around the bag for added support and stability for whatever you’re carrying with you. You can tighten these straps for a more secure hold to your base. Also, the bags come in small, medium, and large sizes, which can all connect through the patented loop and strap system. The straps themselves are extra durable and will fit up to a 3-inch diameter.

Enjoy a picnic while you ride

One of the best parts of any outdoor adventure is stopping for a bite to eat in the great outdoors. There’s no better lunch break than eating a homemade sandwich next to that beautiful waterfall you came across during your hike. And with this insulated adventure bag, you can be sure that your food will stay nice and fresh since it’s ultra-insulated with 50% more insulation than the 2.0 version. That will keep your cut fruit and drinks cold or your cocoa hot for when you need them the most. Also, the bag’s food-grade removable liner keeps it protected from crumbs and spills.

The waterproof tarpaulin will protect your food and belongings

There’s nothing worse than your items getting soggy from a bag that can’t protect them. This won’t be a problem with your Stashers bag. This shoulder backpack is made from waterproof tarpaulin, which means it will keep your sandwiches and energy bars dry, even if you get caught in an unexpected rainstorm.

The zippers are well-placed

You won’t have to reach awkwardly for items in this bag. That’s because the unique zipper placement gives you easy access to compartments when you secure your tube cooler to the top of the tube or other tube coolers. You won’t need to remove your bag from its position to get what you need from it. When you’re moving around outdoors, this is a pretty convenient feature.

This outdoors pack holds your favorite drinks

This insulated adventure bag is also a great way to take your favorite beverages with you since it fits cans with cozies, pint cans, water bottles, and many wine bottles. This means you can even stop for a wine and cheese picnic or enjoy your favorite brew, perfectly chilled. And don’t worry about the cans exploding. The makers of this bag say that cans only explode in extreme temperatures, which the bag’s insulation prevents from happening.

I like this bag. The shape and design are unique while also being sturdy and rugged enough to use outdoors. Best of all, this cycling bag offers a convenient way to carry food, clothing, and other necessities while you’re enjoying your time outdoors. And who doesn’t like to stop for a well-chilled refreshment and snack after they’ve been biking all morning? One last thing to add to your outdoor trip might be some of these portable gadgets.

The Stashers Modular Insulated Adventure Bags cost $29.99, and you can buy them from the company’s official website.

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