The Aero Foldable e-Bike is a smarter way to commute

The Aero Foldable e-Bike is a smarter way to commute

City living ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. While the nightlife is great and everything is nearby, the commute can often be a burden. You can choose to walk everywhere, sit in traffic in your car, or jump on crowded public transport. But, now there’s another way to travel – a smarter way to commute. Introducing the Aero Foldable e-Bike. This personal vehicle:
– has incredible features
– neatly folds for storage
– is totally safe and easy to ride

The Smarter Way to Commute

There are three models of this amazing mode of transportation: The Aero, Aero+ and Aero S. While they do vary, they all have the same core features. Instantly setting the Aero range apart is the integrated waterproof display screen. With a single glance, you can view your current speed, remaining battery, and distance. In addition, these e-bikes have proper lighting so you can navigate through traffic. On the back are turn signals connected to buttons on the handle bars. On the front are three bright LED headlights.

The Aero Foldable e-Bike is a smarter way to commute

Smarter Still

Personal vehicles provide you with an effortless and convenient way to get from A to B. But when you arrive at your destination, you have to find a place to safely stash your wheels. This is where the Aero really shines. In just three seconds, the entire bike folds down to take up little space. It’s small enough to bring indoors and keep secure. Additionally, the Aero has the power to take you everywhere. Both the Aero and the Aero + feature a brushless 250 W motor while the Aero S has a 500 W. Along with powerful Panasonic lithium batteries, these e-bikes have an impressive range. The Aero takes you 22 miles while the Aero + and the Aero S go for 45 miles. You can easily recharge at your destination in just a few hours.

The Aero Foldable e-Bike is a smarter way to commute

Easy to Ride

Of course, these metrics mean little if you can’t operate the bike and the Aero is a total breeze. Each model has sturdy wheels and a comfortable, adjustable seat. The e-bikes also have front and rear suspension. The all-terrain wheels work with the anti-skid system and double rear disc brakes to handle any journey. Finally, the Aero has built-in storage space to carry your gear.

The Aero Foldable e-Bike is a smarter way to commute

What We ❤️️

The foldable design is remarkable – it means you can take it everywhere!

Future Improvements

All models of the Aero are fully loaded – we don’t see how they could improve!

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Indiegogo: Until May 25th
Pledge: $699
Deal: Gadget Flow Members Get $50 Off on Aero Plus!
Delivery: Septemeber 2017

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