AeroTable is the ultimate in-flight workspace

Unless you’re in business class, it can be pretty difficult to eat and work on most flights. This clever accessory adds extra space to the drop-down table, making the perfect in-flight workspace.

AeroTable is the ultimate in-flight workspace

You don’t get a lot for your money on most airlines. Sure, your ticket takes you across the country or even around the world. But in economy class, passengers are packed into their seats like sardines in a can. You barely have room to breathe, let alone work or eat. The drop-down table is a major factor in this miserable experience, being too small for anything useful. If you have to fly often, you might want to pack AeroTable. This clip-on device extends that poky table by 40 percent, meaning you get a spacious in-flight workspace and dining table.

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Portable yet sturdy

Instant upgrade

For most people, business class is financially out of reach. Those plush reclining seats may be enticing, but you have bills to pay and kids to put through college. A cramped seat next to the sweaty guy it is, then.

At least with AeroTable, you won’t have to balance your meal on a surface smaller than a postage stamp. This device attaches to the regular drop-down table via two clips. It adds a raised shelf, where you can store your blueberry muffin and soda.

[tweet_box]This clever accessory adds extra space to the drop-down table, making the perfect in-flight workspace.[/tweet_box]

It’s also useful when you need to work or relax. AeroTable has a neat little mount for your tablet, meaning you can watch movies and type away in comfort. It’s like having an instant upgrade in your carry-on bag.

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Travel essentials

In-flight workspace

In essence, AeroTable fills the gap between your drop-down table and the seat in front of you.

To get started, you simply attach the supplied clamps to the edges of the drop-down. These work on tables of any width, with a maximum thickness of 1.2 inches (31 mm). The AeroTable then slides onto these clamps, providing a sturdy surface.

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Easy typing

The shelf has a smooth white finish, aside from a narrow groove at the back. This feature holds any tablet in a semi-upright position — the same kind of angle as a laptop screen. You could then place a portable keyboard on the drop-down table or simply store your drinks.

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Time for a feast

AeroTable is even more useful at meal times. The added shelf is perfect for condiments, drinks and desserts. Never again will you need to perform seated yoga in an attempt to retrieve lost plastic cutlery.

“AeroTable is the world’s first flight carry-on table that improves your flying experiences.…Tested with real people on international flights, AeroTable has proven to be a versatile solution to what can be an uncomfortable flight in economy class.” — AeroTable on IndieGoGo

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Even the clamps are useful

What we ❤

When you’re suffering cramp and squeezed between your fellow passengers, small things matter. AeroTable lets you work in relative comfort and focus on the joys of food.

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40 percent extra space

Future designs

Unlike the provided drop-down table, AeroTable doesn’t fold up quite as small. As a result, it takes up a lot of room in your luggage. We’d love to see a slimmed down version in future.


– IndieGoGo: Until June 2018

– Pledge: $43 USD

– Delivery: September 2018

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