Air Lounge inflatable furniture gives you a comfy seat anywhere

Air Lounge inflatable furniture gives you a comfy seat anywhere

Summertime is upon us which means you’ll be spending more time outside. From picnics to concerts to just hanging out, every day has potential. But, why settle for less on your adventures? The Air Lounge inflatable furniture makes relaxing anytime and anywhere a reality. This furniture:
– is ultra lightweight
– takes just seconds to assemble
– uses new technology to be easy to use

Easy to use inflatable furniture

Let’s be honest: lugging around traditional lounge and beach chairs is the worst. The Air Lounge furniture changes all that. There are three models of this innovative furniture: single, queen, and king. Varying in size, the furniture fills up with air in just seconds. All you need to do is scoop the Air lounge through the air while holding it open. Then, simply roll the end closed and secure it with the clip buckle. This furniture is durable and perfect for anywhere. Once deflated, it folds down to a compact size and stores in the included carrying bag.

inflatable furniture

Easy to fill technology

Unlike other inflatable furniture on the market, Air Lounge is truly easy to use. The furniture features a specialized air retention mechanism. This revolutionary design keeps the air in as you drag the Air Lounge through the air. Near the opening is an articulated flap. The air enters through the opening and goes behind the flap as it moves. This minimizes the opening so the air can’t escape while you fill the rest. With this mechanism, the Air Lounge takes just 30 seconds to inflate. Amazingly, it also takes just 30 seconds to deflate.

inflatable furniture

Built to last

With the concept of inflatable, the idea of popping or punctures is always there. But, with Air Lounge, you don’t have to worry. Although soft to the touch, the Air Lounge fabric is, in fact, superbly durable. Additionally, it’s hard-wearing so it can withstand weight up to 500 lbs. Even with the rugged design, the Air Lounge weighs only 5 lbs. Best of all, the fabric can be conveniently washed right in your machine at home.

inflatable furniture

What we ❤️️

The air retention system is truly innovative. We love how easy it is to fill the Air Lounge and get relaxing.

Future designs

We’d love to see some colors in addition to the green, blue, red, and black currently available.

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Indiegogo: until the end of April
– Pledge: $99
– Delivery: July 2017

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