Feeling Tired? Allevi8 Recovery Bedding Can Help You Sleep Better

Feeling Tired? Allevi8 Recovery Bedding Can Help You Sleep Better

After a hard day at work, your body should naturally drift off into restful sleep. But your brain might have other plans, digging through every awkward reply you have made since 1995. Even when you do drift off, the quality of your sleep might not meet your needs. This can leave you feeling lethargic after a full nine hours in bed. Allevi8 recovery bedding seeks to address this problem, using space-age technology to keep you comfortable. Endorsed by former professional athletes, this could be the energy boost you’ve been day-dreaming about.

– Nano-coated material helps to increase your blood flow and circulation

– FAR infrared technology also reduces aches and inflammation overnight

– Experience deeper sleep at night for better performance during the day

Recovery Bedding

Most beds are fairly passive personalities. They hang around all day, waiting to support someone who needs rest. Most people can drift off on this sprung surface, but your body isn’t making a full recovery. If you struggle with sleep or lead a physically demanding lifestyle, this can really take its toll.

Fitting your bed with the Allevi8 mattress topper can make a huge difference. This innovative bedding reflects infrared onto your body, helping to improve your circulation. In turn, this helps to calm inflammation, making the aches disappear.

The improvement isn’t just physical. Along with a rested body, your mind should feel rejuvenated. That kind of energy boost can make even the largest to-do list seem insignificant.

Allevi8 recovery bedding

Better Sleep

The secret to Allevi8’s superpowers is hidden within the fabric. The mattress has a special titanium-mineral nano coating that reflects far infrared (FIS) light. Without getting overly technical, these long wavelengths can transmit heat through your skin. The heat improves your circulation, which powers your recovery.

This technology is backed by the US National Library of Medicine’s National Institutes of Health. Allevi8 is also endorsed by a former international rugby player, who fought through plenty of pain in his 10-year career.

Of course, most of us don’t spend our lives running into 300-pound athletes. But Allevi8 can help reduce everyday aches and pains while you sleep.

Bed with pillows and a blanket in the corner room

Fresh Mind

A fresh body provides little value without a rested mind. Thankfully, Allevi8 has your brain covered, too. The super-cozy surface helps you reach a deep sleep in minutes, ensuring you wake up refreshed. This can make all the difference for people who struggle with stress or insomnia.

recovery bedding 02

Even if you do sleep easily, Allevi8 can improve your health. By entering a deeper state of restfulness, your body can recharge more effectively on the same amount of sleep. Forget the productivity tips — that extra energy will help you work at warp speed.

“The Allevi8 range of recovery bedding is an advanced sleep system that helps your body recover and rejuvenate whilst you sleep. This is all thanks to the wonders of FAR infrared.”

“FAR infrared creates several scientifically proven benefits for users including improved body re-generation, increased concentration and enhanced well-being.” — Allevi8 on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

Who wouldn’t want to feel more refreshed? Furthermore, athletes can really benefit from the overnight recovery.

Future Designs

The Allevi8 set already includes pillow covers; perhaps we will see an infrared chair cover in future.


– Kickstarter: Until September 2nd

– Pledge: $52 USD

– Delivery: October 2017

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