Avegant Glyph Envisions the Personal Theater of the Future

With products like Google Glass and Oculus Rift bringing a new outlook to the world of head mounted displays, it’s quite obvious to expect more intuitive innovations from this arena. But the biggest challenge for these displays or any other wearable tech device lies in the fact of persuading the consumers in adapting to this technology by wearing it. It’s a hard known fact but as Leo Tolstoy had once rightly said, “He never chooses an opinion; he just wears whatever happens to be in style.” That is likely what becomes difficult to achieve for the tech wearables out there – to match the style quotient of the consumers every time they launch a new product. Sometimes, no matter how cool or outstanding the technology is, users simply refuse to wear it because they feel it’s going to make them look funny. Co-founder of Avegant, Ed Tang told Techcrunch that he feels uncomfortable wearing his Google Glass at times when he’s hanging out with his buddy because there’s this thing in between them all the time.

Nevertheless, there’s been a lot of consideration on this factor and with products like Pebble smartwatch, the designs are now more beautifully merged with the present lifestyle of the consumers. There’s been an upsurge in the world of wearable devices which is estimated to be worth 12.6 billion U.S. dollars by 2018. Take for example, the latest disruption in the world of head mounted displays that comes from Avegant and has literally roared its way on Kickstarter by crossing its’ funding goal of $250K within four hours of launch, Glyph takes you on the futuristic ride of personal display technology in the most unimaginable way possible.


Smart Quality Images with Outstanding Audio

One distinctively designed headset with a flip down form factor, Avegant has done a remarkable job with Glyph by incorporating a display that makes users enjoy the pleasure of the virtual world with a realistic approach. They call this technology Virtual Retinal Display, I call it freedom from the disastrous sphere of screen-door effects. Glyph, truly, is a pioneer in combining exquisitely sharp imagery and premium noise-cancelling audio into one cool gadget consumers would actually want to wear. It’s like stepping into this special eye cabinet and viewing all the contents of your media library, be it movies or games, in a way that is much more natural and pleasurable. Using one simple HDMI input, Avegant Glyph can easily turn your wee hour Call of Duty Ghosts game into one fascinating adventure of a lifetime. It’s that crystal clear!

Although their original concentration lied in making Glyph a better display and audio tool for military uses, the innovators from Avegant soon realized that mainstream consumers watching movies or playing games have the exact same requirements too. Otherwise looking like a hefty pair of stylish headphones, what makes Glyph stand out is its display. The core technology behind it referred to as a Virtual Retinal Display works without a screen. What it aims at is to bring that crispness of natural light through the use of an LED, thus eliminating fatigue and weariness of eyes that often result from any other emissive light sources. The conditioned light from the LED reflects on the back of the retina with the use of two million micromirrors which addresses each eye separately and shapes the image with detailed clarity. The very fact that this image projection happens separately for each eye provides the users with an opportunity to view all their media content in 3D and that too, in the form of solid images of high quality devoid of any pixelation. As Avegant CEO Edward Tang rightly said on The Verge, “We’re trying to recreate your vision as closely as possible. Look at how you naturally see. When you look around the room, your eyes don’t get tired. You can see 3D. And you don’t get nauseous or get headaches around the normal world.” Thanks to Glyph, hours of visual treats can now continue with no health concerns.


A Product that Pioneers The Future of Audio-Video Devices

When it comes to headphones, users are way too picky about it and this wasn’t an unknown fact for the Avegant team. Result – they developed Glyph with exceptional audio quality that can easily run at par with any of the high-end headphones already out there. They knew they had to compete with best-of-the-best audio devices already available and the Glyph in no way shows that they have left any aspect undone. Their aim was to create a product that will revolutionize the whole world of audio-video devices and the Glyph prototype has done it great. The integrated 9 Degree of Freedom head tracker that has opened the doors of interactive gaming and Point of View (PoV) imaging through Glyph are just some additional perks of having this wonder gadget.

For those who still feel that the Glyph could have been better in the comfort zone, there’s good news from the team. The deliverable Glyph Beta which is to be shipped to their Kickstarter backers who’ve pledged $499 or more towards the later half of 2014 will have better ergonomics and a slimmer design. The ear cans will be reduced by 50% in thickness and the visor would be lightweight overall ensuring a balanced fit with minimum pressure. As Yobie Benjamin, the COO of Avegant says in an interview with GamesBeat, “You’ll be able to sit in an airline seat and get an 80-inch TV experience.” One exceptional gift idea for the mainstream gizmo-holics, Glyph is definitely going to add that special touch of naturalistic view to all your media content. Happy Gadgeting!

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