Awair: Breathe Clean, Fresh Air Using This Smart Monitor

Awair: Breathe Clean, Fresh Air Using This Smart Monitor

Is the air you’re breathing at home clean? We’d all like to think so.

Awair recently launched a new device that can help you monitor and address low quality air in your house or office. The official website explains why the smart product is essential to every home:

“If you’re waking up with watery eyes, a stuffy nose and a sore throat, the air quality is probably to blame. During the winter, your steam heat can seriously damage your skin and lungs while you are sleeping. Awair knows when this is happening during the night and can be programmed to help, such as triggering humidifiers.”

Awair air monitor in house

How Does It Work?

The Awair monitoring device monitors air quality using a range of sensitive sensors. It checks for pollutants that cause allergies, colds and other common sicknesses. After testing the environment for harmful particles, it puts the data against a built-in algorithm that then scores the quality using a point-based system (1 to 100).

Users can connect to the tool through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. An app is available for mobile tracking and configuration. Considering that everyone has a different standard for air quality, the device lets individuals setup preferences and adjust them accordingly. This is helpful for areas that experience drastic shifts in seasons and weather.

Awair smart air monitor app

It Tells Other Smart Devices What To Do

The Bitfinder smart gadget is not a standalone device. It works best when it is connected to other health tools such as digital humidifiers, thermostats and light bulbs. Such combinations can help users stay alert and ease the need to remember when to turn on (or off) various devices.

Do I Need This Device?

The Awair digital appliance would be a great addition to any home. Because it can bridge together a handful of different devices, it is definitely worth buying.

Awair air monitor active with lights

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