Awakening Mask is the wearable alternative to energy drinks

While energy drinks can help you work into the night, they also hasten your eventual demise. This wearable mask offers a healthier solution.

Awakening Mask is the wearable alternative to energy drinks
  • Why are energy drinks bad? They raise your blood pressure for hours and cause abnormal heart rhythms.
  • What are the best methods of staying awake? Keep moving, keep eating, and keep drinking. The scent of peppermint oil can also help.
  • What is the best alternative to energy drinks? If you need to be truly alert, the Awakening Mask offers a more forgiving kind of energy boost.

Sleep is a difficult urge to resist. Just as a car needs to stop for gas every so often, the human body needs to refuel. Of course, you can delay the inevitable by necking energy drinks and sugary food. But taking such measures on a regular basis can only have a negative impact on your health.

If you really need to stay alert, Awakening Mask may be a better solution. This innovative wearable device delivers a mixture of stimulating ingredients through your skin. And unlike energy drinks, this product shouldn’t keep you awake after you leave the office.

What’s so unhealthy about energy drinks?

As with anything you consume, there is nothing wrong with enjoying an occasional energy drink. But drinking these highly charged potions on a regular basis can seriously damage your cardiovascular health. To use another motoring analogy, you’re damaging your engine by keeping your foot on the floor for hours on end.

While the Awakening Mask uses some of the same ingredients found in energy drinks, it delivers them in a completely different way. When you wear the mask, the rejuvenating ingredients are absorbed slowly through your skin.

[tweet_box]While energy drinks can help you work into the night, they also hasten your eventual demise. This wearable mask offers a healthier solution.[/tweet_box]

As a result, you don’t get a rush of stimulation, followed by an energy crash. In fact, you should be relaxed enough to sleep in about 30 minutes after removing the mask.

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The energy mask

The wearable alternative

The mask is made from non-woven fabric, with a special niosome gel on the inside. The gel is packed with energizing substances: caffeine, vitamin B, vitamin D, taurine, and more.

When you apply the mask to your face, these ingredients slowly find their way into your bloodstream. The creators liken the mask to a nicotine patch.

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Stay alert behind the wheel

It must be said, wearing the Awakening Mask is not quite as discreet as taking a sneaky swig of Red Bull. At best, people will think you’re on the way to a party dressed as a highwayman.

But when you have a deadline to hit, or you need to drive through the night, you might consider staying awake as being of greater importance than nursing your pride. Furthermore, there is nothing more important than protecting your health.

“As a natural, healthy alternative to energy drinks, the Awakening Mask is portable enough to carry anywhere giving a boost of energy at your fingertips.”

“Keep the mask on your face as long as you want when you are working overtime. Then take it off 30 minutes before you go to sleep. You don’t need to worry about overdose anymore.” — L Technology on Kickstarter

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Portable and convenient

The good parts

There are times when working late is unavoidable. This mask helps you stay alert without causing long-term damage.

Room for improvement

Most people won’t feel comfortable wearing a mask like this in public. Even a different shape or color would be an improvement.


– Kickstarter: August 1st 2018

– Pledge: $26 USD

– Delivery: August 2018

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