Beep’s Amazing Dial is a Flawless Gateway to Synchronized Audio

The immense popularity of digital music and online streaming that has evolved with time is way beyond imagination. It’s quite surprising yet alluring to see the Pandora’s and Spotify’s (and others) become the more wanted music platforms amongst the youth today in such a short period of time that the whole music industry is now switching on to this new mode of existence like never before. There seems to be this exceptional thirst for going on the cloud with music amongst the digital population that’s brought this upsurge in the online music business. Whether you consider Pandora streaming 13 “billion” hours of music in 2012 or 64% of teenagers out there who prefer listening to music on YouTube than on any other service, either way digital music is in a flattering position. But somewhere, this transformation has left the consumers far-off from their premium home audio speakers that still happen to be the precious souls in bringing heartwarming music to our ears.

While listening to online streams is so on fire over smartphones and other mobile devices, it’s still a dream to think of having all those favorite tracks coming from our high-end home speakers. Sonos’ ofcourse have been reinventing home audio since 2004 and have created this phenomenal sphere of interactive wireless speakers that streams music throughout your homes seamlessly, but as Pandodaily rightly states, “But the big gripe with all these current platforms is that they are walled gardens. That is, they don’t play nicely with other speakers, only integrate with select music sources and services, and require proprietary apps to navigate.” This is where Beep, a striking audio software and hardware invention from two former Google engineers Daniel Conrad and Shawn Lewis comes into place with a completely new approach to synchronized audio from all audio speakers under one roof.

One Starry Dial Takes Your Speakers to the Cloud

The video teaser from the team says it all. One starry dial attached to each of your diverse audio speaker collection can now make you step into this brand new audio palace of the yesteryears when listening to music was all tactile. Yes, time has passed by and new technologies have replaced all the natural joys of yesterday living with high-end automation in every sphere of life, but somewhere there still lies the urge to take a step backward and enjoy the non-tech world like we used to before, like the way we heard music with volume knobs and push to play functions. Beep rejuvenates all that begone spirit with the modern touch of excellence into this cool gadget that’s so chic and stylish you’d love to have it beside your speakers.

Just about any powered speaker with an Aux input, RCA Jack or optical input would be highly compatible with Beep which can easily send music over to the speakers through a connected cable. Playing music on Beep is all the more simple as it needs just a wi-fi connection to be able to bond with your phone and play music either from third party music streaming apps or from your phone’s own music database. The Beep mobile app (iOS and Android) is what adds the cream to the cake by connecting all Beep devices across your home and synchronizing them to play your favorite numbers as and when you’d like to. “Once you’ve experienced it — this music synchronized through your whole house — it’s something you’re going to want,” Conrad had said on an interview with LA Times.


The duo behind Beep has been very particular in choosing wi-fi over Bluetooth connectivity. Lewis had made a strong statement on Mashable saying, “Bluetooth is a great portable listening solution, but it falls short in the home — you quickly run into range issues, and of course, you can’t synchronize a bunch of Bluetooth devices together in different rooms.” Also, their primary aim lies in taking speakers to the cloud where it’ll be easy to play streaming music from services like Pandora which music lovers are more prone to using these days. Having already integrated Beep with Pandora, these trendsetters in the digital audio world are looking forward to adding more online music streaming services in the future.

“Evil Router” Sorts the Hassles of Wi-fi Connectivity

Fast Company, however, had placed a very important question asking how the team planned to deal with all the potential problems that arise from wi-fi networks and whether Beep can truly guarantee high-quality audio output to which Conris replied, “Wi-Fi loses packets of data all the time, communication latency is unknown, and so getting synchronization right is far from trivial. Building a system that is robust to all of these potential failure points, that music keeps playing and stays synced, requires a lot of testing and a lot of work. We’ve spent the last year and a half effectively building a software layer that abstracts away all these network failure points so the music can keep playing seamlessly even when the network is unreliable.” To test all the avid threats that lay with wi-fi networks the team had also created it’s own wi-fi software for testing which was called “Evil Router”. All that detailed research surely says this stunning device is not just any ordinary invention, it’s calling for a breakthrough in the way we interact with music big time.


Beep’s effortless touch based control takes the crown of glory for sure having made listening to your last station or playlist be just a tap away. There’s the glittery delight on the dial too which makes it look ever so shining every time your Beep is active and dancing to your hard-rock numbers like you do. Currently available in two royal colors copper and gunmetal, Beep is starting their shipping this Fall 2014 for $149 though pre-order price available now is of $99. Be prepared for some authentic music celebration till then because this Chromecast for audio is going to stand out as one of the most sparkling creators of home audio in the near future. Happy Gadgeting!

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