The BERG Luxury Minimalist Watches Use Real Salmon Leather

The BERG Luxury Minimalist Watches Use Real Salmon Leather

When it comes to style, there are watches and there are watches. When you choose the right one, you can elevate your style instantly. This is where the BERG Luxury Minimalist Watches come in. Each in the Ulriken Collection blends phenomenal function with form rich in culture. The watches:
– offer impeccable style
– have hidden details of sophistication
– remain affordable

The BERG Watches are a part of a limited edition. With only 500 in production, each one is numbered to be totally unique.

Luxury Minimalist Watches

Although the BERG Watches offer minimalist style, they have loads of small yet striking details. In fact, the name pays homage to Bergen, the rainiest city in Europe. With this, the watches are waterproof. In addition, Ulriken is the tallest mountain in the Bergen area. The watches were designed with all of this in mind. The unconventional strap actually uses Icelandic salmon leather. This material is usually seen as waste but is far more resilient than standard leather. This adds a layer of sophistication while giving the watch a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

The BERG Luxury Minimalist Watches Use Real Salmon Leather

Finer Details

While the strap creates a stunning look to enhance the minimalist dial, it’s actually what’s on the back that catches your attention. Engraved onto the back of all of the BERG Watches is an outline of Ulriken Mountain in all its beauty. In addition, the watches feature interchangeable straps to forever compliment your evolving style.

The BERG Luxury Minimalist Watches Use Real Salmon Leather

Versatility for Every Day

It would be a waste to not finish these timepieces with equally premium materials. Although it’s tough to outdo salmon leather, the BERG Watches are finished in optimal style. This includes a highly durable sapphire crystal glass. Additionally, the case is made of stainless steel and comes in gold, rose gold, and silver. It’s also available in three sizes: 36mm, 38mm, and 40mm. Finally, it’s all waterproof with a 5ATM rating.

The BERG Luxury Minimalist Watches Use Real Salmon Leather

What We Love

We’re so excited to see a minimalist watch with some extra style. The salmon leather strap is truly exceptional.

Future Designs

We can’t think of a way to possibly improve the Ulriken collection – we love all the details!

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Last updated on July 07, 2017

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