The Best AirPod Pro alternatives for an awesome work-from-home setup

Now that you’re working from home (maybe the kids are there, too) you're facing a whole new set of challenges. Your workday, however, must continue even if you need to make lunch for your children or block out their squabbles. But you don’t need to be tethered to your desk all day, either. The right work-from-home set-up will help you stay productive but offer you some flexibility. An integral part of that set up will be an excellent set of wireless earbuds.

The Best AirPod Pro alternatives for an awesome work-from-home setup
Jabra Elite Active 75t in Sea Green

While it’s the dream of many professionals, successful work from home requires a certain setup. You’ll need to separate your home life from your work tasks and minimize distractions. You’ll also want the best and most reliable equipment for communicating with your (now remote) co-workers and supervisors. One way to keep yourself in tune with the office’s demands but still be available around the home is to invest in a good pair of earbuds. They can provide clear call quality, noise cancellation, and customized sound. You can even find ones that offer an excellent fit which will allow you to move about the house while being available for calls. But if spending $250 for a set of Airpod Pros seems a little indulgent at the moment, or you’d rather find an Apple alternative, there are plenty of other options. Here are some of the best Airpod Pro Alternatives for an awesome work-at-home setup.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ for enhanced calls

Built to enhance music and calls, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ 2-Speaker Earbuds have three microphones. They are definitely a product you’ll want to consider if you are looking for the best AirPod Pro alternatives. Because of their design, they’re able to make sure you have the clearest calls whenever you need them. Delivering impressive sound quality, these two-speaker headphones totally immerse you in whatever you’re listening to. Additionally, the new Galaxy Buds offer up to 22 hours of battery life. That’s 11 hours from the earbuds themselves and another 11 hours from their case. You can wirelessly charge the Samsung Buds Plus, and you can even wirelessly share power.

Jabra Elite Active 75t Wireless Earbuds for a great fit

Looking for the perfect pair of earbuds to accompany your active lifestyle? The Jabra Elite Active 75t Wireless Earbuds are them. These waterproof and sweatproof earbuds can bear all the sweat you create during an active workout session. They come with an impressive battery life of 7.5 hours during continuous use. In fact, the case is also super compact and can easily fit in your pocket or bag when you are on the go. In spite of the earbuds being super tiny, they come with four built-in microphones for maximum clarity. So your calls will always sound the best no matter where you are.

DSI True Wireless ANC Earbuds have a long battery life

If you’re in the market for a new set of earbuds, the DSI True Wireless ANC Earbuds are a perfect choice. These wireless earbuds feature active noise cancellation and ambient sound mode. Packed with advanced audio technology, DSI noise-canceling earbuds deliver not only noise-free listening but also breathtaking sound quality with their tiny-yet-powerful 6-mm driver. With the impressive noise-canceling technology, you’ll get lost in whatever you’re listening to. And the ambient sound mode channels the sounds of the outside world back into your ears when you need it. You’ll have 100 feet of listening distance from your device, and they’re waterproof. All with 360 hours of battery life with the charging case.

Amazon Echo Buds have noise-reducing technology

When you’re listening to music, you want an immersive experience. The Amazon Echo Buds In-Ear Headphones use Bose technology to reduce the noise you hear around you. While it’s important to be aware of your surroundings, these noise-isolating earbuds ensure you’re focused on the task at hand. But if you need to hear the world around you, simply tap the earbud twice to turn off noise reduction. And you can tap and hold to use a built-in voice assistant. Additionally, these truly wireless earbuds support Alexa. With these compact black earbuds, you get dual armature drivers that ensure the sound is balanced in each earbud. Not only that, but these headphones also provide deep, clean audio beats whether they’re bass or treble. With five hours of battery life—20 including the charging case—you’ll have enough for that marathon you plan on running.

Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Headphones block noise

With the Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones, you’ll hear only want you want. When you’re commuting on the tube or subway, you’ll be able to turn on your music and get lost in your favorite song. And you won’t miss the quiet bits of that newest true-crime podcast episode. Plus, these headphones use dual-microphone technology. Because they have one feed-forward microphone and one feedback microphone, these earbuds will block more ambient noise. Additionally, with a .24″ driver unit, you’ll get an exceptionally crisp and clear sound. Not only do these wireless earbuds block the sound you don’t want to hear, but they truly deliver the sound you do want to hear. Furthermore, these wireless headphones have a battery life of up to 24 hours.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Cherry Blossom Earbuds for something special

Celebrate the sakura festival in Tokyo with the Master & Dynamic MW07 Cherry Blossom Special Edition Earbuds. These beautiful earphones have a white cherry blossom design on a pink background. Reminiscent of the Japanese countryside, these earbuds use a 10-millimeter Berylium driver. And they’re super lightweight at just nine grams. So you’ll find that you don’t mind wearing them for hours on end. This is great because they offer 3.5 hours of battery life. Plus, the charging case weighs just 76 grams—hardly a drop in the bucket of your backpack or purse. Additionally, these cherry blossom earbuds offer Bluetooth connectivity up to more than 20 meters away, making it easy to stay connected wherever you are. These earbuds are some of the most beautiful, best AirPod Pro alternatives, ones that will brighten your day.

JLab Epic Air Sport offers 70 hours of charge

Want a pair of earbuds that you can take from work to a workout? The JLab Epic Air Sport are a great choice for those who need durability and a really secure fit. Also, their battery life gives you 10 hours per charge, nearly a full day of listening, if not more. Additionally the charging case packs in an extra 70 hours of charge. So you may be able to go for weeks without powering up. Finally, according to Digital Trends these airbuds also sound good and have a better sound quality that even the Jabra Elite 65t. And if you don’t like the sounds, these earbuds are some of the few that lets you adjust EQ on the device themselves. You can choose from Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost. The Be Aware mode lets outside sound in.

JLab Epic Air Sport Earbuds

JLab Epic Air Sport Earbuds in Black

Pearl AI-Powered Earbuds have solar charging

Say goodbye to wires with the Pearl AI-Powered Earbuds. These earbuds offer solar-charging, so if you’re looking for convenience while also being a little more eco-friendly, these best AirPod Pro alternatives are for you. And don’t worry; you won’t be compromising on quality with these unique buds. They feature a Qualcomm QCC5121 chip, which delivers premium sound and active noise cancellation. The acetate and stainless steel paired with Beryllium drivers means they will look and feel expensive. You can easily control the volume, pause and play music, and operate Pearl’s advanced features using built-in touch gestures. Finally, the AI-powered noise cancellation tech features two modes: Silent and Quiet. 

Soundcore Life P2 Earbuds use noise-reduction microphones

The Soundcore Life P2 Truly Wireless Earbuds may be lightweight and small but that doesn’t minimize their power. Each of these true wireless earbuds has two microphones that use beamforming noise-reduction technology. Thanks to this feature, these wireless headphones ensure you’re heard loud and clear on the other end of the line. It doesn’t matter if your house is noisy, these Bluetooth earbuds hide all the unnecessary external sound and highlight your voice. Additionally, these lightweight earbuds offer seven hours of playtime on a single charge. And that goes up to 40 hours when you include the fully charged case.

Soundcore Anker Liberty Air Earphones for clear calls

The Soundcore Anker Liberty Air True-Wireless Earphones are AirPod lookalikes that offer great specs. These earbuds bost Graphene-Enhanced Sound, a pioneering audio technology that delivers highly accurate sound with superior clarity. The earphones’ Crystal-Clear Call setting will let you listen and talk through both earpieces. Also, noise-canceling microphones will eliminate background noise and enhance voice pick-up for flawless communication, no matter where you are. The batteries provide 5 hours of music from a single charge and the charging case takes the total playtime to 20 hours. Integrated Touch Controls let you touch the earbuds to answer calls and play, pause, and skip music.

Your best work-from-home setup

If you want to create the perfect work-from-home setup, you’ll need a great pair of earbuds. Those earbuds don’t have to be AirPod Pros, however. If you’re looking for better or more affordable options, these are some of the best AirPod Pro alternatives.

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