Best new tech and gadgets of summer 2019

From fresh takes on tried and true designs to technology you’ve never seen before, we’ve got all the best new tech and gadgets for you in one place.

Best new tech and gadgets of summer 2019
  • What are the coolest gadgets of 2019 so far? Always hunting for the latest gear, gadgets, and innovation isn’t easy. Lucky for you, keeping up with tech trends is what we do best. Check out these 30 cool gadgets that we just can’t get enough of.
  • Show me some of the best gadgets for a workspace. Why settle for a grim and boring workspace? Rather than loathe your 9-to-5 every day, fill your workspace with things that inspire you and help make your workflow more efficient than ever. Isn’t it time you upgraded?
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Although the holidays seem to be at the epicenter of new product purchases, innovation happens all year ’round, and summer is no exception. There have been so many incredible announcements and new products so far this summer, and here’s a roundup of the best of the best.

SmartHalo 2 Smart Biking Device

The SmartHalo 2 Smart Biking Device is an all-in-one connected device that provides simple navigation. Using minimalist turn signals, it will direct you to your destination without much distraction. And because your bicycle is important, this smart biking system even includes a 110 dB anti-theft alarm and always stays on your bike to protect it. Additionally, handlebar space being limited, SmartHalo 2 has a powerful front light.

Polar Ignite Waterproof GPS Fitness Watch

This GPS watch uses advanced technology to provide wrist-based heart rate stats. Using Precision Prime sensor fusion, it collects accurate heart rate information, so you’ll know if you’re really pushing your limits. Through the FitSpark training guide, you have access to on-demand workouts on this waterproof GPS fitness watch. This way, even if you just have time for a quick workout, you don’t have to plan ahead and download an exercise regime. Additionally, this waterproof fitness watch connects to the Polar Flow app.

Kindle Oasis Warm Light E-reader

This e-reader offers you the option to adjust the warm light from white to amber. So you can read on off-white pages just like a paper book. Conveniently, you can even schedule the light to change on this Kindle e-reader. Meaning that if you want it to automatically change to a darker amber light around 9:00 p.m. when you get in bed, it will. On top of this, you’ll love that this warm light e-reader is waterproof, making it safe for you to read in the bath or outdoors. You won’t have to be afraid of a little water sprinkling on your Paperwhite e-reader.

DJI RoboMaster S1 Educational Robot

This robot will teach children better understanding of STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering, and math. Rather than traditional seated classroom learning, this educational robot will involve intriguing games to help keep children engaged. This DJI robot will let kids—or adults, of course—practice design because it’s modular. So you can build it up however you want. And, with this teaching robot, you’ll get to practice hands-on learning. You can practice programming languages such as Scratch and Python to execute physics, math, and AI theories in real life.

Bose Frames Rondo Audio Sunglasses

These audio wearables have miniature Bose speakers placed just above your ears, meaning you can hear exactly what you want without disturbing anyone around you. These sunglass wearables are easy to use, as they have a single button to control them. When you press this button, you can turn these speaker sunglasses on or off, accept and reject calls, and play and pause music. In addition, you can even use Siri or Google Assistant with these glasses, and they’re solid sunglasses in their own right.

Pocketalk Language Translator Device

This compact interpretation device provides two-way voice translation in an instant. Even if you encounter someone who speaks another language, you’ll still be able to communicate with them. Whether you need directions or simply want to get to know someone, a conversation is always helpful when traveling. Plus, this compact translator has built-in data, which means you don’t have to find Wi-Fi to communicate. And the great part is that this data lasts for up to two years, so you can go on the adventure of a lifetime without running out.

Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1 Compact Business Laptop

This commercial laptop offers Express Sign-In, which is a feature that wakes the computer when you’re nearby. So you won’t wait for your computer to start up when you sit down. Instead, this compact business laptop will be ready when you reach your desk. Additionally, this business laptop is super portable, so it’s easy to take with you wherever you need to work. It even provides a battery life of more than 26 hours, so you can get a few days worth of work in before needing to recharge.

LG Z9 8K Smart OLED TV

This television has an 88-inch screen that displays 8K picture. In case you were wondering, that’s four times as many pixels as 4K display—twice as many in each direction. This 8K Ultra HD TV also has a large OLED panel. In fact, it’s the biggest panel that LG has in a television. So if you’re in the market for a television set that will really wow your guests, this is it. And it will cost you, too, as it’s likely to cost much more than a pretty penny. Though there isn’t much 8K content out there, this 8K smart OLED TV has the ability to make images a higher resolution.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Submergible for 30 minutes and droppable from five feet, this Bluetooth speaker is durable enough for even the clumsiest people. It’s also pretty powerful for its compact size and is strong enough for any mid-sized party. And, it has a 13-hour battery life, so you won’t have to worry about the speaker dying on you. Just charge it up, and you’re set for the rest of the day. The speaker also has a new outdoor feature which pumps up the bass so the music projects over natural ambiance.

Jaybird RUN XT True Wireless Sport Headphones

This device comes with an IPX7 rating, making it fully waterproof and sweatproof. The RUN XT headphones combine a sleek, comfortable fit with premium audio. Thanks to their enhanced Bluetooth performance and lightweight design, the headphones are ideal for athletes, commuters and more. With fully adjustable EQ, the companion app makes it easy to customize your listening experience. Moreover, the interchangeable tips and fins allow you to achieve the ideal fit. While the headphones offer four hours playtime on their own, the charging case adds an extra eight. Built to keep up with your activities, these wireless sport headphones offer reliable performance regardless of your workout conditions.

Dexquisite Self-Charging E-Bike

This pedal-assist bike harnesses your energy to continue charging the motor as you ride. It’s a unique system that reuses your kinetic energy and converts it into electricity. Because of this, you won’t need to stop your enjoyable day of cycling to recharge your bike. This self-charging bike makes it possible for you to travel almost anywhere. Plus, you can choose between a 250-watt or 500-watt motor, depending on how much power you need. This electric bicycle is hand-painted a two-tone red and yellow design.

Winston Online Privacy Device

This hardware filter installs between your modem and router to protect your information online, all without monthly VPN fees. Installing in just 60 seconds, this plug-and-play device will keep your information safe. It works with any connected device, giving you total peace of mind. Winston puts you in control of deciding what you share because it adds a layer of protection to all of your devices. In fact, it hides your geolocation, encrypts your DNS, and even scrambles your traffic with other Winston users. And you won’t have to wonder who was listening in on your conversation to then advertise to you.

Furrion Rova 45 Rolling Electric Cooler

With its Furrion ePod battery, this device offers up to a week of cooling. The Rova 45 Electric Cooler also doubles as a charging station, keeping the good times going from any location. Additionally, the charging station comes with both Qi wireless and USB options. Aside from the ePod battery, the onboard compressor can draw power from a DC outlet or wall outlet. The compressor facilitates efficient and fast cooling down by pushing cool air into the main section. In fact, it can even freeze down to minus eight degrees Fahrenheit.

Logitech VR Ink Pilot Edition Stylus

The Logitech VR Ink Pilot Edition Stylus introduces a whole new dimension of creativity. With this stylus, you can create in virtual reality either on 2D surfaces—like your desk—or in the air. If you’re in the business of crafting 3D products, you shouldn’t have to create in 2D. With this VR stylus, you can truly understand how your vehicle, building, or interior design will execute in reality. Furthermore, this virtual reality stylus will help you design and develop faster than ever before. You don’t have to wait to see 3D renderings because the Logitech VR stylus lets you create them from the beginning.

Apple 6K Pro Display XDR

Measuring 32 inches, this stunning LCD display is complete with over 20 million pixels, P3 wide color, and built-in reference modes. Expertly calibrated before it even leaves the factory, the Pro Display XDR goes beyond HDR to deliver Extreme Dynamic Range (XDR). The stunning 6K Retina display offers a wide viewing angle with much-improved contrast. In addition, it features an innovative nano-texture glass. Unlike other displays that require a coating on top, the glass itself has a surface that reduces reflections without disrupting image quality.

All-New Apple Mac Pro

From creators to developers, the Mac Pro features an Intel Xeon processor with up to 28 cores. This computer provides 360° of access to internal components, letting the user customize it even further. It has six channels of ECC memory, along with 12 DIMM slots. You can even add two Radeon Pro Vega II to the Mac Pro Expansion (MPX) Module, making it the most powerful graphics card currently available. In fact, it can run three streams of 8K resolution content all without breaking a sweat. Designed to run all the apps you need, the Mac Pro has 1.5 TB of system memory.

SolarGaps Smart Solar Blinds

Clearly the wave of the future, SolarGaps Smart Solar Blinds help you save on energy costs. Plus, these smart blinds also help preserve the environment. Because they collect solar energy for your use, these solar blinds reduce the amount of conventional energy you use. Thus, they reduce carbon emissions into the environment. On top of that, you can control these energy-saving blinds with your smartphone, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home. So these eco-friendly blinds can even be used as an alarm clock in the morning.

Samsung SmartThings Smart Bulb

This Wi-Fi bulb not only uses LEDs—which you know will save you money—but it also helps you intelligently manage your lighting use. You can keep track of this smart light bulb from the connected SmartThings app. So if you want this Wi-Fi light bulb to turn on in the kitchen at a specific time in the morning, it will. Or you can choose to have all the lights in your home turn off at a designated time in the evening. Instead of walking around your house turning all your lights on or off, you have control from a single app.

AIR PIX Pocket-Sized Aerial Camera

This small aerial camera can fly to capture the best photos you’ve had, even if you have a large group of friends. It’s like having your own personal photographer with you everywhere you go. This pocket-sized aerial camera is smaller than the iPhone X, so it’s easy to keep in your pocket. And you won’t sacrifice quality, either, as it captures Full HD videos and has a 12-megapixel camera. Additionally, this mini aerial camera can recognize your face, which means it will follow you during a video. When you land the perfect trick, you can even livestream it to your Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Aina Ring AI-Powered Smart Ring

Now you can answer calls and book rides without spending time looking at a screen. In fact, this smart ring uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone so it can be your personalized remote. By doing this, it can even control your smart home devices. This means you can manage your home’s temperature or lighting, making it perfect for when you get home from work. And it’s easy to answer calls by just placing your fingertips near your ear and starting to talk. If you’re looking for a fitness tracker, Aina can monitor your activity and steps as well.

Which one of these would you add to your tech collection? Share with us in the comments below.

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