Best of summer tech gadgets 2021—HUAWEI MateView, Svitch bike, and more

Summer is right around the corner, and what better way to prepare for a new season than with some new tech? In today's Daily Digest, we're helping you open a new chapter by recommending accessories that are useful, have safety in mind, can enhance efficiency in the office, and more. Whether you intend on spending summer outdoors, working hard at the office, or leisuring, we have an abundance of must-have tech in today's article.

Best of summer tech gadgets 2021—HUAWEI MateView, Svitch bike, and more
The best summer tech gadgets

Treat yourself or a loved one to the best summer tech gadgets. Created to embody good vibes and make your days a little less worrisome, chaotic, and unproductive, tech accessories can make your summer (and life!) better.

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We can’t think of any better combination than summer and tech. So we’ve combined the two to help you find the perfect tech accessory for your lifestyle and daily routine while soaking up some vitamin D. Take the ZETAZS Ranger Pro electric scooter, for example. It folds and unfolds seamlessly at the press of a button. Or the Ludbeat bone conduction headphones that don’t sit in your ears but next to them, offering high-quality sound to soundtrack your summer. Explore more exciting tech in today’s article.

1. The Vantrue N4 3-channel dash cam provides 24-hour motion or collision detection. This car gadget remains in idle mode and wakes up if it detects an impact, helping to reserve the battery.

Get peace of mind on the roads with the Vantrue N4 3-channel dash cam. This summer tech features a 155° front camera, a 165° inside camera, and a 160° rear camera. That way, this gadget can record from all areas surrounding your car. Moreover, it boasts infrared night vision to capture footage in dark conditions, too.

Order this car accessory for $259.99.

2. Charge Qi devices conveniently with the Nomad Base Station Mini. It provides up to 15 watts of wireless power for a quick boost.

The Nomad Base Station Mini is a must-have summer accessory for keeping your devices topped up on the go. It features a padded leather surface for a luxurious touch that also won’t scratch your gadgets. Moreover, the ambient light sensor dims LEDs at night, so you can charge your gadgets while you sleep without being disturbed.

Purchase this full-surface wireless charger for $59.95.

3. Work more efficiently this summer when you have the HUAWEI MateView wireless smart monitor.

Use the HUAWEI MateView wireless smart monitor for in-office and remote work as it’s bursting with smart components. For example, you can tap your phone on the MateView base to instantly see all of your phone’s content displayed on the big screen. Additionally, the Smart Bar provides a touch of life to your technology.

Order this smart monitor for €699.

4. Boasting an 80-mile battery range and a top speed of 25 mph, the Svitch Bike multipurpose foldable eBike is perfect for summer rides. It also folds away easily for organized storage.

Make your summer more fun when you have the Svitch Bike multipurpose foldable eBike. It also provides a more fun alternative to walking or driving. In fact, with 5 modes of pedal assist, it encourages safe, enjoyable transportation. Moreover, this eBike’s Throttle Drive System allows you to cruise effortlessly at 20 mph.

Preorder this summer eBike from Indiegogo for $650.

5. Manage your cryptocurrency easier with the D’CENT Biometric Wallet. It even supports several types of cryptocurrencies.

Purchase the D’CENT Biometric Wallet this summer for a new generation of digital wealth management. This includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, XRP, Ethereum, ERC20, DigiByte, and more. Above all, this money gadget features a built-in fingerprint scanner for additional security and convenience. Plus, Multi-IC architecture provides you with high security for privacy.

Order this summer accessory for $119.

6. Upgrade your home’s surveillance system this summer with the Vivint Ping indoor security camera. It delivers Full HD 1,080p resolution for exceptional clarity.

The Vivint Ping indoor security camera is one of the summer tech gadgets for peace of mind. It’s super high tech and even begins recording as soon as it detects motion. Plus, you can chat with a friend or delivery driver through the app without having to be in their physical space; this is useful for busy moments.

Purchase this security camera for $199.99.

7. Enjoy everyday commutes or summer rides with the ZETAZS Ranger Pro electric scooter. It’s fun and powerful.

For one of the best summer tech gadgets for fun, opt for the ZETAZS Ranger Pro electric scooter. It offers a 60 km range, 30 km/hr maximum speed, and 25% maximum slope. It’s also lightweight, weighing only 14.5 kg and features smart locking technology to give you peace of mind when you leave it unattended.

Preorder this summer transportation for $879.

8. The Ludbeat bone conduction wireless headphones transmit sound by vibrating the temporal bone of the skull. This summer accessory leaves the outer ear canal open for maximum comfort.

Ludbeat bone conduction wireless headphones

Experience a new way of listening to sound with the Ludbeat bone conduction wireless headphones. These unique headphones don’t sit in your ear to provide for new music sensations; you won’t just heat lyrics, you’ll feel them. Moreover, these headphones also include a mesh microphone that provides clarity for calls—even when you’re up against the wind.

Preorder these headphones for $135.

9. Create music this summer with the ROLI LUMI portable beginner’s keyboard. It’s informative and fun to use.

Designed to make learning the piano fun, the ROLI LUMI portable beginner’s keyboard uses light and color to guide you. You can even learn to play from hundreds of songs including Beyonce, the Beatles, and more. Additionally, the interactive lessons are fun and informative—covering scales, chords, technique, and much more.

Preorder this keyboard for $299.

10. Get 5 hours of playtime with the Urbanista Sydney pocket-size speaker. So you can get your groove on by the pool or at the beach.

There’s nothing like a summer filled with music, and that’s why the Urbanista Sydney pocket-size speaker makes an excellent summer gadget. Boasting a clean silhouette, smooth texture, and array of colors, this speaker is perfect for gatherings with friends. Finally, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket while delivering punchy bass when in use.

Order this speaker for $49.99.

Overall, these tech gadgets can enhance your summer and allow you the opportunity to treat yourself to an accessory that’ll bring you joy. What’s your favorite summer tech? Let us know in the comments.

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