8 Smart lights that will brighten up your home

From Bluetooth bulbs to custom lighting setups, there are now countless ways to illuminate your home. Here’s a roundup of our favorite smart lights, with options to suit any room and any budget.

8 Smart lights that will brighten up your home
  • What are the advantages of smart lighting? It allows you to automate lighting around your schedule and change the look of your home.
  • Do smart lights save energy? Yes, most do. This is because they turn off automatically when you’re out of the house.
  • What are the best smart lights available right now? Keep reading to see our top picks, and visit our full smart lighting collection for more ideas.

As the price of smart home tech continues to fall, smart lighting is really taking off. Being able to automate the lights is obviously convenient, but you can also save a lot of energy. Some smart lights can even help you fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning.

If you’re looking for the ideal smart lighting solution, this list of top picks should be pretty illuminating.

Philips Hue Ambiance Starter Kit

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Philips Hue Ambience

When it comes to smart lighting, Philips Hue is the brand to beat. This neat starter kit includes everything you need for automating the lighting in your home. Hue also integrates with a vast array of other smart home devices.

Price: $112.99 USD

Nanoleaf Aurora Smart Lighting Kits

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Nanoleaf Aurora smart lighting

If you’re looking for something a little more imaginative, Nanoleaf Aurora turns light into an artform. You can choose from 16.7 million colors via the companion app, and the Rhythm version reacts to music.

Price: $229.99 USD

Philips Hue Beyond Dimmable Smart Table Lamp

smart lights 09

Philips Hue table lamp

With 50 different shades of white and 16 million colors to choose from, this Philips Hue table lamp offers total customization. You can also link the light to Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant.

Price: $199.97 USD

C by GE Sol LED Lamp with Alexa

smart lights 06

C by GE Sol Alexa lamp

This elegant lamp from GE lets you ask Alexa for weather and traffic updates before you get out of bed. It also has a rechargeable battery, so you can place it anywhere.

Price: $67.45 USD

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LIFX Mini Color Smart Bulb

smart lights 05

LIFX Mini smart light

The LIFX Mini is a very affordable smart bulb with a range of tricks. It screws in to any A19 socket, and connects with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home via Wi-Fi.

Price: $25.99 USD

SmartLamp Connected Light by Holi

smart lights 04

SmartLamp by Holi

The SmartLamp from Holi adds a splash of color to any room. Thanks to a unique square design, light bounces off the walls to create a beautiful show. Furthermore, the light responds to music.

Price: $169 USD

Zing Smart AI Night Light

smart lights 03

Zing smart night light

When you have to visit the bathroom in the night, Zing will light your path automatically. The multi-color light can offer soothing hues at bedtime, or alert you to incoming calls in the morning.

Price: $99 USD, pre-order

The Up Light Smart Wake Up Bulb

smart lights 02

The Up Light smart bulb

This ingenious smart bulb uses light to help you rise and shine every morning. The bulb gradually gets brighter and brighter towards your alarm call, with blue light helping to trigger your brain into action.

Price: $49.99 USD

The best smart lights

Whether you want to kit out your whole home or just use a little automation, these smart lights should fit the bill.

Have you installed smart lights in your home? Share your impressions in the comments!

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