Sports gear that will make you want to work out

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No gadget can transform you from a Netflix Olympian into a world-class athlete. In fact, it takes lots of motivation to get moving. But choosing the right gear can definitely help you achieve your personal best.

FITLY running pack

In any athletic endeavor, gear has a vital role to play. In some sports, such as cycling or golf, it’s obvious how top-class equipment might improve your game. But the gear you choose can also have other valuable benefits such as helping you stay hydrated or improving your technique.

No matter whether you’re a first-time athlete or going for gold, we want you to achieve peak performance. In search of those marginal gains, we have scouted high and low for the very best sports gear currently available.

The Under Armor HOVR shoes

On the run

Running is probably the easiest entry point into sports, although your lungs might disagree. These gadgets should help you pound the sidewalk and improve your fitness:

Under Armour HOVR Sonic Connected Running Shoes

The special cushioning inside these running shoes makes you feel like you’re running in zero gravity. As a result, you maintain better energy through each stride. In addition, the HOVR shoes record key data about your run so you can review and improve.

FITLY Minimalist Running Pack

Running with keys and your phone in your pockets is always uncomfortable. But with FITLY on your back, you can carry all these small items without the fuss. The super-slim backpack sits flat against your back, meaning it won’t slam down on your shoulders with each step so you can focus on your workout.

Nova Ultralight LED Athletic Jacket

Many of us only get the chance to run after work, long after the sun has set. This lightweight and breathable jacket makes you visible from 450 feet away even after dark, thanks to built-in LED light strips.

Outdoor pursuits

Of course, you may find running a little boring after a while. These gadgets will help you cycle and surf your way to peak fitness:

Trace action sports tracker

Trace Action Sports Tracker

Most fitness trackers only work for running and cycling. But Trace lets you record every wave you ride and every piste you ski down. The device then estimates how many calories you’ve burned through so you can make the most of your runs.

FoodCell for cyclists

FoodCell Aerodynamic Cycling Nutrition Carrier

On long cycle rides, keeping your energy levels up can be a real problem. FoodCell solves this issue by storing food gels under the saddle. The design ensures you don’t suffer energy-sapping drag.

Improve your technique

In many sports, technique makes all the difference. Here are a couple of gadgets that will act as your coach:

Garmin Impact Baseball Bat Swing Sensor

This remarkable device can record bat speed, hand speed, elevation, attack angle, and more. The sensor also delivers useful coaching tips via the companion app, helping you hit more walk-off homers.

SkaterTrainer in action

SkaterTrainer Skateboard Training Aid

If you’re still struggling to ollie, SkaterTrainer could make all the difference. The kit stops your wheels from rolling out of control, meaning you can concentrate on nailing the static jump before applying your skills to moving parts.

In the gym

Many people head to the gym for their sporting fix. Whether you love lifting or just want to try a little yoga, these gadgets will improve your visit:

The hardgraft Game gym bag

hardgraft Game Gym Bag

If you’re going to the gym, you need a gym bag. This premium offering from hardgraft should hold all your sports gear and last a lifetime. Inside, you have three compartments for keeping things organized.

The waterproof X-SHOCK earbuds

X-SHOCK True Wireless Sport Earphones

These waterproof buds will deliver the perfect soundtrack for any workout. They offer 60 hours of playback with the supplied case, and there are no wires to cramp your style.

MARKKO CORE compact workout

MARRKO CORE Complete Core Workout

Can’t make it to the gym? The MARKKO CORE lets you train your back and stomach wherever you go. This weighted device offers several different workouts, and it’s small enough to take anywhere.

Sports gear for everyone

We love health and fitness here at Gadget Flow, but it wasn’t easy picking just a few to fill our favorite sports gadgets list. If you’re looking to upgrade your gear or even your bag, think carefully — what will actually improve your performance? If you need some inspiration, take a look around our Sport Accessories section.

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