Bringrr is the Car Charger That Keeps Your Valuables Safe

Imagine your everyday lives and the terrible hassles that you’ve got to face each morning before driving off to work. There seems to be a war imposed on your lovely household right from dawnbreak where you are this one hero trying to win the search for all your belongings. There’s your phone, your wallet, your work files, the book that you have been reading during lunch break, your pup who needs to be dropped at the nearest pet-center on the way and so on. By the time everything’s packed and you set off to work, it’s when you’re on the next signal crossing when the sudden realization strikes that you’ve forgotten to bring the gift you got for your colleague’s birthday last night. Damn! That one U-turn drives the nuts out of you and gets you on the verge of unleashing this lava of rage you feel for yourself.

I bet that’s happened with everyone sometime or the other – remembering to have left behind something important after setting off on a journey. But cursing yourself all the time isn’t really helpful, after all, we have only one tiny hippocampus in the brain for memorizing the profused knowledge of things we know of. Instead, what we need is a picture-perfect solution which carefully fits into our lives and notifies of all that we are forgetting to carry only when it’s needed. That’s the category where the latest Kickstarter success Bringrr falls into – One car charger with a series of tagging devices that can free you from the traumatic experiences of losing track on your day-to-day belongings.

A Car Charger That Can Do a Lot More Than Phone Charging

Yes, there are a lot of tech-devices which claim to never let you be away from your kids like The Filip Smartwatch or the Maxstone Remote iPhone Shutter that shouts once you’re beyond the reach of your photographic equipments, but what makes Bringrr unique is its holistic approach in tracking devices. The team here wanted to transform your ordinary car chargers into one exceptional device that can do way more than just phone charging. Although initially targeted for only tracking your phones, Bringrr has now made their network more desirable with the introduction of the Bringrr tags in their Kickstarter project. These brightly colored tags that have a unique sense of urbanity and elegance can be attached to just about anything you can imagine (books, files, laptops, wallets etc.) post which it does all the tracking by itself. They are eco-friendly and last for a year without the worries of getting charged time and again.


The tags and the Bringrr car charger all pair up together with the Bringrr App that’s available on Android, iOS and Google Glass. Everytime you start your car, Bringrr initiates it’s duty of checking all the tagged items you’ve set on the App for that particular day and notifies you with a red signal if something’s missing and with a blue one if all’s well to go. Rob Enderle, president and principal analyst of the Enderle Group had commented on Gizmodo saying, “Bringrr has developed a simple device that gives its users an added safety net, helping to assure their critical cell phone is with them when they drive away.”

Bring Tags Make Bringrr More Holistic in Its Approach

Finding a misplaced item with Bringrr is super cool as the Bringrr App saves your Bring Tag’s current GPS location all the time and also directs you towards it everytime you’re on that never-ending search for your valuables. If the directions don’t help, you could also turn your Bring Tags into Bluetooth beacons which puts them on an alarm mode when you’re on the lookout, thus ensuring that you find them faster than ever. If they are really missing and you can’t track them, that’s where the Bringrr community steps in where you set a missing notification for your device which, if found in the vicinity of anyone using Bringrr App, will be provided to you and can not only get your device back but also make new friends along the way. Sweet, isn’t it?

The Bringrr App also makes you schedule tracking for selected devices on specific days so that you don’t land up with a “laptop missing” notification during a weekend party with friends. You can also sync your Bringrr App with the Apple and Google calendars and be ready with all the necessary things for the next meeting or travel trip you might attend. This is indeed one useful gadget that can make keeping a track of your devices more prompt and user-friendly. But Bringrr still targets the audience with cars and not the ones who prefer other modes of transportation. When speaking about this on Mashable, Bringrr co-founder and CEO Aldo Beqiraj said, “One of the most influential and repeated pieces of feedback that we received was the massive amount of support from backers that don’t have cars, or use other methods of transportation that do not have the AC adapter. Initially, our focus and positioning of the devices was based around not driving away without your things, but we now are broadening our focus to suit a more general audience.”


Shipping this summer 2014, Bringrr kit is currently available for Kickstarter backers starting from a pledge of $49. You can set up as many item profiles as possible on the Bringrr App but at a time, upto 10 active Bring Tags can be tracked. That’s quite an affordable tech gizmo you might give a try at, unless this time, your hippocampus forgets to tag the devices that needs to be tagged by Bringrr Tag. Sounds more like a tongue twister to me, but it’s a fact no doubt! Happy Gadgeting!

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