CalypsoTag is a Fashionable Answer to Luggage Tracking For the Smart Travelers of Tomorrow

CalypsoTag is a Fashionable Answer to Luggage Tracking For the Smart Travelers of Tomorrow

That one place on the planet where your cravings for your luggage are at its peak is the airport baggage carousel. You may be carrying something as cool as the Fugu Luggage but there isn’t a guarantee that you’re the sole one carrying that piece or there aren’t any sneaky eyes around trying to grab your belongings. With all that apprehension hovering over your mind every moment, your time at the carousel along with every other passenger turns into a mess. That’s not an unnecessary mode of thinking by the way. Overall, nearly 14,000 travelers each year report items missing from their luggage or lose track of the entire luggage itself.

CalypsoTag and Chipolo

Bag thieves are way more smarter than you think they are which is why traveling often turns into a pain after you pass this baggage carousel disorder. Using the coolest luggage tags available that say onlookers to stay away from your bag or anything similar won’t do any good in such situations too. Does that mean you should put an end to traveling with expensive belongings or try checking in with no luggage at all? Well, I think it’s time you should switch to smart luggage tracking now!

Located at a two hours distance from Venice in Ljubljana, Slovenia, CalypsoCrystal is a team which is passionate about creating accessories that are pleasing to the eye. They carefully select materials to construct their accessories which have already caught a lot of attention in the world of mobile and laptop cases. But our focus today is on their smart luggage tag which offers a great alternative to help you keep a track of your luggage directly from your smartphone. CalypsoTag not only looks beautiful in the world of luggage tags – It’s one of those rare travel accessories that’s designed to be your ideal travel companion as well.

CalypsoTag review

Track Your Luggage When It’s Not Around

Offering a distinct design in a variety of colors, CalypsoTag is a handcrafted masterpiece you can consider as the “missing accessory for every bag” out there. Once paired with your bag, the smart name tag keeps a track of your bag’s location and alerts you if and when someone tries to steal it or when it goes out of range. Everything stays under control and you can wait patiently at the carousel for your luggage to come by.

CalypsoTag smart name tag

What makes the whole thing smart is the built-in low-power Chipolo Bluetooth chip which has been enveloped with the Italian leather built cover. The chip has a range of about 60 meters, close to 200 feet which can also remember it’s last location even when it goes out of range. So, all you need to do is download the Android or iOS Chipolo App and connect it to your CalypsoTag. Once your luggage comes within range, you’ll get a direct notification on your phone. That means no struggling for a place at the baggage carousel or going crazy trying to figure out the right luggage. You can simply chill and wait for your CalypsoTag to do its job and provide you with the correct notification on time.

CalypsoTag smart luggage tag

Beautiful Leather Colors Let You Travel in Style

Currently the CalypsoTag is available in four different color combinations: The Barajas Gate (red), Moscow Express (black), Denver International (beige) and the Kansai Free (menthol) at a price of €99. If you’ve already liked their handcrafted cases, the CalypsoTag is something you’d want for your luggage for sure. Traveling with style is here with an added advantage of smart tracking. I can’t wait to have one for myself before I pack my bags for the next holiday. Happy Gadgeting!

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