You Can Wear the Heavy Armor Watch on the Ocean Floor

You Can Wear the Heavy Armor Watch on the Ocean Floor

Many watches can survive a dip in your swimming pool. But what if you want to explore deep beneath the waves? The Heavy Armor watch from DELTAt keeps perfect time even on the ocean floor, thanks to an innovative decompression system. It’s perfect for underwater adventures and everyday timekeeping.

– Watch keeps functioning perfectly to 3280 feet (1000m) beneath the surface

– Customizable bezel plates can be swapped for new looks

– Automatic helium escape valve keeps pressure balanced inside and out

Discover the ocean floor

Generally speaking, people buy watches to suit their lifestyle. If you regularly go running, you might get a neon-green silicone timepiece. Folks who spend most of their time in the office will go for something more business-like.

While the Heavy Armor watch is great for divers, you can’t place it in any defined category. The watch adapts to your needs, with bezel plates that can be replaced at will. There are four designs to choose from, and five dial colors available. It looks great out of the water, and keeps you safe beneath the waves.

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For diving purposes, the Heavy Armor watch works perfectly down to 3280 feet (1000m). At that depth, a submarine would implode. This watch can take the pressure thanks to 316L Stainless Steel and an automatic decompression valve. Sapphire Crystal protects the dial, and you can choose between leather and rubber straps.

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It also meets the other standards for diving. You can read the luminous dial in total darkness from 9.8 inches away, and the unidirectional bezel offers easy oxygen timing. This stuff is pretty important if you’re exploring the ocean floor.

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“Heavy Armor is another bold diver watch from DELTAt’s award-winning designer. Designed with the concept of change in mind, Heavy Armor dares to be different.” – DELTAt on Kickstarter

What we ❤️

A watch that lets you change the design, and meet whales face to face.

Future designs

There are four bezel plate designs right now; it would be awesome to have more to choose from.


– Kickstarter: Until June 15

– Pledge: HK$ 2,490  (approx. $319.86)

– Delivery: January 2018

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