The Cardamon Minimal Wallet is the Simplest Billfold Wallet

The Cardamon Minimal Wallet is the Simplest Billfold Wallet

The trend of minimalism is everywhere in fashion and even technology. The idea of simplification is welcomed by nearly everyone. While our devices get sleeker and more efficient, it’s about time our wallets join the trend. The Cardamon Minimal Wallet is the ideal solution. This billfold wallet:
– sports a tradition design
– remains sleek and slim when full
– uses an entirely new fabric
– offers all the functionality you need

The Cardamon Wallet is a must-have for your everyday carry. It uses premium materials in a minimalist design to hold everything you need.

The Cardamon Minimal Wallet

The name of the wallet comes from the cardamom spice which is notably subtle yet distinct. With this in mind, the Cardamon Wallet is unlike other wallets you’ve felt and used. Yet, its simple and understated aesthetic integrates effortlessly with your life and style. The entire wallet is cut, folded, welded, and stitched from a single piece of fabric. While adding to its durability and lack of stress points, this style of creation wastes little material.

The Cardamon Minimal Wallet is the Simplest Billfold Wallet

Staying Slim

The Cardamon Wallet is able to hold up to four cards in each of the two internal slots. In addition, it accommodates full-size notes in the main pocket. The Cardamon Wallet II is also available for wider and larger currencies. Even with all of this storage, the wallet remains slim at just 6mm thick. After 200 prototypes and loads of testing, this final design is the perfect combination of minimal and functional.

The Cardamon Minimal Wallet is the Simplest Billfold Wallet

Powered by Innovation

To make the world’s best minimal wallet, you can’t rely on materials other wallets use. This is why the Cardamon team created MeridianShell. This incredible fabric is exceptionally durable thanks to the polyamide and polyester blend. With a high-density weave, the fabric is stain resistant as well as waterproof. Available in five colors, it ensures the Cardamon Wallets live up to their lifetime guarantee.

The Cardamon Minimal Wallet is the Simplest Billfold Wallet

What We ❤️️

Carrying your cash has never been simpler. We love the innovation and dedication behind the creation of a new fabric.

Future Design

In addition to more color options, we’d like to see some RFID-blocking capability.

[tweet_box] The Cardamon Wallet uses MeridianShell – a new innovative fabric that is stain resistant and waterproof! [/tweet_box]


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– Price: est. $69

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