Case Study – Best Product Marketing Tips for Instagram

Case Study – Best Product Marketing Tips for Instagram

An average Instagram user spends 21 minutes on the app. Given the fact that this is an image-sharing platform alone, the time spent is quite high and pretty valuable for product marketers (independent ecommerce stores or for newly launched crowdfunding campaigns). I did share some valuable tips on how to make your Instagram images more catchy and popular sometime back but today I want to show you examples from our own Instagram product profile history. We have been marketing thousands of products on Instagram for quite a while now and we can surely show you some of the best products that were quite popular on our feed in recent times. Based on these examples, here’s a quick checklist you might follow in order to make your product stand out on Instagram.

1. Highlight the material you have used to make your product by featuring it on a contrasting backdrop. Like these leather goods really look unique because of the raw pavement backdrop that enhances the overall beauty of this set altogether.

2. Demonstrate your product in action and show your potential customers how it will blend with their daily lifestyle. This Hoverboard in real-time does make the point of “How am I going to use that thing” so clear!

3. Even if you’re showcasing your product under a practical situation, always focus on the product itself. Just like how Evapolar is displayed here.

4. Natural backdrops are always more catchy than artificial ones. Xterrain worked pretty hard to display that awesome all-terrain bike on the beach itself.

5. If your product needs to be attached or worked in line with an existing everyday gear, make sure some of the images clearly shows where it is supposed to be used and how. This Apple Watch mount on its own would not have made to the mark like it does when attached to the driving wheel.

6. The products which are incredibly small or big and powerful needs to be displayed in a way such that their size is clear. The AERIUS is the world’s smallest quadcopter till date and the image clearly displays why!

7. Natural sceneries are quite popular on Instagram. Surface 604 Boar Electric Fat Bike looks heavenly with that backdrop there, don’t you think?

8. Use of proper hashtags with your product is mandatory for better clicks. The Orange Screw works best on a camping site and so we made sure the best of camping hashtags were linked to it when it was published.

9. Even if you’re using a watermark in your product’s image, it should not be distracting the overall view at all. This Luxury Hammock image from Ivory & Deene clearly shows what we mean.

10. For home decor items, it would be best if you pair it up with a perfect set up and show off the beauty of your product in an urban living space. The Float Wall Desk would not have looked complete if it wasn’t set up with the right accessories. Plus, they also added the chair which is equally pretty!

That was just about the tips we have for you as of now. Have more to add to the list? Please feel free to share with us in the comments below. Happy Marketing!

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