Casper Board makes it easy to get active in the office

Staying in one spot for eight hours each day is both uncomfortable and bad for your overall health. The new Casper Board footrest helps you get active while you sit or stand behind your desk.

  • It sitting bad for your health? It can be. The Mayo Clinic says that sitting too much can increase your risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.
  • Is a standing desk better than a sitting desk? They are better for your overall well-being. However, many people who use such desks suffer from pain as a result of standing still and bad posture.
  • What is the best way to exercise at work? When you can’t escape the office, Casper Board will help you get active and burn calories at your desk.

The average garden snail covers around 150 feet in each hour. That doesn’t sound like much — but it’s probably more than most of us achieve in the office. This static working lifestyle may feel comfortable, but it can lead to a variety of health problems.

Some people try to avoid this trap by using a standing desk. While standing is better than sitting, you’re still not moving.

That’s where Casper Board makes a difference. This balance board-cum-footrest encourages you to keep moving at your desk. It works for standing and sitting, helping you to stay loose and get active.

How to get active at work

Fitness freaks will happily spend an hour in the gym every night after work. But most of us would be content with a small improvement in our activity levels.

This is the premise of Casper Board. Unlike most balance boards, this device does not force you to teeter uncomfortably for hours on end. In fact, the board is pretty stable to stand on.

get active 03

Standing in comfort

Your weight is supported by a large, rounded foot. This convex shape allows you to shift your weight forwards and backwards, or side to side. You can also swivel your hips on the spot, or stretch out those calf muscles.

get active 05

Get active

These micro movements may seem inconsequential, yet they make all the difference. Casper Board increases the circulation in your legs and ups your heart rate. In turn, this means you burn 20% more calories than you otherwise might.

Sitting exercises

get active 02

Not just for your standing desk

When you need to take the weight off your legs, Casper Board transforms into a completely different beast. Essentially, it becomes a fidget toy for your legs.

get active 07

A fidget toy for your legs

With a quick twist, you can easily remove the standing foot and replace it with two pointed legs. These supports glide across polished surfaces, and they allow an even greater range of movement. It’s kinda like riding a skateboard while sitting in your office chair.

“The Casper Board is the only platform that promotes weight loss, heart health, and a mental boost when you sit and stand during the workday. It is a balance board with full range ankle mobility and a footrest with 360° rotation in one device.” — Martin Melgoza on IndieGoGo

Rocking your world

get active 04

Lightweight and portable

With a range of movement that extends to 35 degrees, the Casper Board is a great way to get active without abandoning your spreadsheet.

Perfect balance?

If you plan to use Casper Board as a footrest, you might want to invest in a floor protector. The gliding sensation is pretty addictive, and the board’s plastic feet could damage carpets and polished floors.


– IndieGoGo: Until October 26th

– Pledge: $109 USD

– Delivery: February 2019

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