How to Change the World, One Unique Tote Bag at a Time

How to Change the World, One Unique Tote Bag at a Time

This world can feel oh so cold at times. In some cities, people will give you dirty looks if you try talking to a stranger. Inclusivi-Tee wants to make us think differently. This positive Kickstarter campaign is all about spreading inclusiveness and equality through unique tote bags.

– One-of-a-kind bags designed by artists from across the country

– Each bag has unique flair, so no two are the same

– Inclusivi-Tee gives 100% of the profits to progressive non-profit organizations

Unique tote bags

It’s not often that something as simple as a tote bag can have a major impact on society. But with their Kickstarter campaign, Inclusivi-Tee wants to help progressive non-profit organizations across the country.

It works like this: Inclusivi-Tee is aiming to fund two talented artists to create beautiful designs. Their work will be printed onto high-quality tote bags. Each bag will then receive a final dash of paint or showy ribbon to make it truly unique. It means that there is no other bag in the world quite like it. This is truly the most special of special editions.

Something bigger

The really important part about these bags, however, is that you are raising funds for some great causes. As a public benefit corporation, Inclusivi-Tee gives away 100% of the profit it makes on the bags.

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The funds go towards ten of the most progressive non-profits in the USA, chosen for their positive contribution. In addition, the team behind Inclusivi-Tee regularly volunteer in their local communities.

“When someone asks where you got such an amazing bag, you can tell them honestly that an artist made it just for you.” – Inclusivi-Tee on Kickstarter

What we ❤️

Positive thinking and beautiful bespoke designs might just be the perfect combination.

Future designs

With extra funding, it would be great if Inclusivi-Tee were able to support more artists and organizations.


You haven’t got long left to secure a one-of-a-kind tote bag, as the Kickstarter campaign ends May 15. There are many pledge tiers to pick from, and the tote bags start at $80 for one or $150 for two.

How would you show off your Inclusivi-Tee tote? Tell us in the comments!

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