The ChargeWrite+ Is a Concealed Power Bank Pen

The ChargeWrite+ Is a Concealed Power Bank Pen

Modern gadgets are all about convenience and dual purpose. We see tablet cases that double as stands and even aquariums that are also herb gardens. While these gadgets are great, they don’t fulfil an everyday need. But, the ChargeWrite+ certainly does. This power bank pen:
– offers a sleek ballpoint pen
– holds a portable battery
– provides external storage

Suffice to say, the ChargeWrite+ is the ultimate tool for your desk. Each feature helps solve an everyday issue of running out of battery and space as well as always searching for a pen.

A Powerful Power Bank Pen

While the ChargeWrite+ may appear unassuming, you can’t let its tradition looks fool you. Tucked inside the writing utensil is a built-in 650 mAh battery. Small yet mighty, this is the perfect amount of power to see you through a dead battery. It offers 2.75 hours of internet browsing as well as a whopping 3.5 hours of talk time on your smartphone. Incredibly, on standby, it’ll last an entire three days. Of course, the ChargeWrite+ also serves as a useful writing device with the smooth-rolling ballpoint tip.

Power Bank Pen

Increasing Convenience

In addition to the extra power, the ChargeWrite+ works with all of your devices. It features a unique universal smartphone connector. This allows it to charge Apple Lightning devices as well as those with micro USB ports. But, the convenience doesn’t stop there. The ChargeWrite+ also conceals 16GB of flash storage. Using the USB connector, simply plug it into your laptop or computer to view your media and files. It’s perfect for those times when your onboard storage is full.

Power Bank Pen

Added Extras

You guessed it – the ChargeWrite+ still does even more. It also comes with a stylus on the end. Use it on any of your touchscreen devices for precise control. Then, you can easily flip the pen over and use the built-in screen cleaner. It gets rid of dirt and smudges from any screen.

Power Bank Pen

What We Love

The ChargeWrite+ is the pen that keeps on giving! With so much in one place, it totally replaces many desktop items.

Future Improvements

Let’s be honest – the only way this thing can improve is if it also pays the bills. It just does *everything*!

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Indiegogo: until mid-April
– Price: Gadget Flow users get a special secret pledge price of only $35!
– Delivery: May 2017

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