Chui, An Intelligent Doorbell, Will Make Your Home Safer and More Functional

The classic doorbell was invented in 1831 by a Joseph Henry. This little invention was a big deal- a visitor could press a button, signal a loud, electric buzzer, and a home owner was notified that someone was waiting for them at their front door. The doorbell has evolved since then and today a standard doorbell can play a snippet of your favorite song or classic jingle. For the hearing impaired, you can program the light fixtures in your home to blink when someone is at your door. The doorbell, in all of its simplicity, is a handy gadget. What can make the doorbell even more functional? The answer is Chui, an intelligent doorbell that is raising the bar for convenience and security.

Facial RecognitionFacial recognition software that recognizes the people you love
There have been “smart” doorbells and cameras that precede Chui, but nothing that functions like Chui in regards to its facial recognition software. You can program this device to recognize you and any one of your friends and family. You can even leave messages for particular visitors. If your mom is supposed to be meeting you at your house for dinner, but you end up having to run to the store for some last minute groceries, you can leave a message for her with Chui. When she rings the doorbell she will hear, “Hi mom, I had to grab some more milk. The key is underneath the flower pot. Please let yourself in!” Alternatively, you can program Chui to respond to people that you do not want to interact with, but we will leave those suggestions up to you…

Home Device Compatibility
Add and remove people to your Chui allowed list!

Chui can connect to other various home devices including your computer, internet-connected locks and lights, and your existing doorbell system. You can program Chui to automatically unlock your door when approved guests arrive, eliminating the need to get up and open the door yourself. You can also unlock the door from your phone if someone that is not on the already approved list happens to be visiting. Chui can be programmed to flash your internet-connected lights a particular color to distinguish an already approved visitor from an unknown visitor. For example, when your mom visits, the light may flash green, but when the pizza guy shows up, the light may flash orange.

Chui is a security device that helps keep your home safe

Chui is not just a fancy doorbell, it’s innovative home security. With Chui, you can monitor the camera at any time of day, right from your phone. It will notify you when there is activity in front of the camera and even record the activity for you to review later. If facial recognition is not enough security to grant you a peace of mind, you can enable QR code recognition or setup an alphanumeric password for entry. Set these in addition to facial recognition security, and one will not work without the other. If someone steals your password, they will still be denied entry because Chui does not recognize their face- and you will have a record of that attempt saved onto your phone.

Chui is a gadget that will make your house safer, intelligent, and much more functional. With gadgets like Chui, we are that much closer to the smart homes we see on television in the Jetsons’ utopia.

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