These cool circuit board sets are great for budding engineers

You'll look forward to the next rainy Saturday afternoon when you have one of these circuit board construction sets. These kits give you practice soldering, working with LEDs, resistors, and more as you build your own fleet of super-cool robots.

These cool circuit board sets are great for budding engineers
Geeek Club Cyberpunk circuit board construction sets in construction

If your idea of an afternoon well-spent involves tinkering on gadgets around the house and putting together complex Lego sets, you’ll want to check out the Geeek Club Cyberpunk circuit board construction sets. Designed for people aged 14 and up, these sets introduce you to soldering, electrical, and engineering skills as you construct one of five futuristic models.

At first, you might think that these circuit board sets look like your typical Lego kits. But on the contrary, the company’s Kickstarter page assures backers that Geeek Club models are the Legos of the future. Because instead of locking pieces of plastic together, you’ll meld the metal components using a soldering iron, printed circuit boards (PCB), and specialized tools. The projects include multi-legged WarMechs and supercharged StarFighters. Overall, these sets take your high school electronics technology class to a whole new level.

Enjoy a new standard for PCB design

According to the company’s Kickstarter page, PCBs are electrically-infused copper sheets laminated onto non-conductive substrate sheets. They control the way electricity flows through built-in parts. You’ll find them in most electronics, including smartphones, TVs, speakers, and microwaves. Geeek Club robots are unique from other circuit board kits in that the PCB is an important part of each model’s design. This gives the robots a futuristic look, as though they have an electrical nervous system running throughout them. And they do.

Meet the fleet of DYI electrical machines

You can choose from five different kits. The 3RT Cyber Copter is inspired by an Apache helicopter and has a large cargo capacity and several LED components. The MAT 002 Wipe Racer takes its inspiration from the video game WipeOut and boasts lighting speed and sleek looks. The W4 Scout Recon can operate in both manned and unmanned modes to empower the rest of your fleet. The ANT 001 Hexapod Tank has six legs for incredible power and can travel even if one or two legs become detached. Finally, the MXC Two Legs Heavy Sniper has robotic arms and weaponry. So as you can see, these aren’t your typical building sets.

Geeek Club Cyberpunk circuit board construction sets

Geeek Club Cyberpunk circuit board construction sets and a circuit board

Learn the basics of electrical engineering

Have you ever wished you could be one of those people who repairs the circuit board of their busted appliances? You’ll be well on your way with these circuit board sets. As the company’s Kickstarter page rightly points out, most electronic build kits have about 3–5 different PCBs on one panel, but Geeek Club’s kits give your 22 to 100+ pieces. This gives you ample opportunity to practice and hone your basic electrical engineering and soldering skills. You’ll also get experience with LEDs, microchips, and resistors. The kits each rely on detailed soldering work, so by the end of your project, you’ll be melting metal with confidence.

Geeek Club Cyberpunk circuit board construction sets

Geeek Club Cyberpunk circuit board construction sets entire. fleet

Each of these engineering kits includes tools

You won’t have to worry about buying your own equipment to build your robots. That’s because these circuit board sets come with everything you need. Each set includes a CR2032 battery holder, classic through-hole LEDs, resistors, SMD LED 0805, a soldering iron, solder wire, and much more. So you can start building your robots as soon as you get the kit.

Geeek Club Cyberpunk circuit board construction sets

Geeek Club Cyberpunk circuit board construction sets components

Enjoy easy assembly

While building the Geeek Club Cyberpunk sets is a challenge, it’s not so difficult that the project isn’t fun. And you’ll be guided the whole way with the detailed instruction manual. It includes step-by-step instructions with detailed images. They’ve even been published on YouTube as instructional videos if you’d rather see the process yourself. So you’re virtually guaranteed to enjoy working on these robots.

Spend quality time with your kids while building these robotic kits

Geeek Club cyberpunk sets are a great way to bond with your kids and teach them something new. Kids love hands-on projects. Best of all, the skills they learn while constructing these sets with you could ignite their interest in tech or engineering.

Deepen your understanding of engineering

The company says that its mission is to create a world of inventors proficient in the basics of electrical engineering and to inspire the next generation of tech. They aim to teach these skills in a realistic yet fun way. They’ve certainly reached their goals because these kits are pretty cool.

The Geeek Club Cyberpunk circuit board construction sets immerse you in the creative experience. The sets are challenging, fun, and give you plenty of practice. Best of all, each kit contains exactly what you need to get started. It’s a great activity for adults who like to keep their hands busy and a helpful tool for future engineers.

The GeeekClub Cyberpunk circuit board construction sets cost $39 and are available for preorder on Kickstarter. What are your favorite engineering sets? Let us know in the comments.

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