COGITO POP Promotes A Fashionable Smartwatch That Blends Effortlessly With Your Digital Lifestyle

COGITO POP Promotes A Fashionable Smartwatch That Blends Effortlessly With Your Digital Lifestyle

Two important accessories where man still prefers the fashion over function are undoubtedly his wallet and wristwatch. No matter how digitally acclaimed your watch may be, you would still not prefer wearing it if it doesn’t look that stylish on your wrist. You can’t call this a stereotyped form of thinking because fashion is anyday a vital criterion every accessory needs to fulfill. That was probably one of the major reasons why smartwatches weren’t that popular initially inspite of having a great concept. Even today, traditional timepieces are still in demand where consumers look forward to buy personalized watches that stand out from the lot. These may not have incredible functionalities but still the look and feel is what matters the most for users. Sometimes its just about being trendy in a traditional way.

When Connectedevice decided to launch their series of smartwatches, this concept of keeping the conventionality intact in wristwatches was a primary concern for them. They were on the lookout to release a digital watch consumers would actually want to wear. That’s what finally resulted in a series of wristwatch that combines fun and functionality in an amazing way. Introducing COGITO POP – a smartwatch that brings forth digital connectivity without letting you lose your analog lifestyle.

Fashion Meets Function In An Amazing Way

While COGITO CLASSIC was more towards highlighting an elegant series of smartwatches, COGITO POP is about living with your fun side. The series of bright colors in which it is available is proof to the kind of fashionable extravaganza this timepiece has in store. When discussing about their watch on DigitalJournal, Henri-Nicolas OLIVER, CEO of CONNECTEDEVICE, had said, “We believe COGITO POP’s look is just as important as its functions and features. We designed a watch that consumers would want to wear, a timepiece that blends an attractive analog face with vibrant LED icons. Everyone is free to express their own style through a variety of fun color choices.” For the entire digital generation, this is one of the coolest gadgets that helps you stay in touch with your active, social lifestyle directly from your wrist.

COGITO POP smartwatch

The watch has a simple analog display complemented with LED icons that connects directly to your iOS or Android devices. The benefit lies in the fact that these icons stand for your everyday notifications of incoming calls, messages from various third-party apps such as Whatsapp, Skype etc., inbound email notifications, social media alerts along with calendar reminders. But that’s just not it – since the watch connects with your phone through Bluetooth smart technology, it also helps in locating your phone in case you lose it here and there. The remote shutter and music control are additional features that makes the watch a complete controller you’d never want to part with. So, being a part of photographs is not a big deal whilst you have the COGITO POP bound to your wrists. Those special magical moments of life when a bit of music can change the whole atmosphere is also under your control with this masterpiece there. The interface is so easy to use that managing your digital life would not seem much of a problem anymore. That too, by not losing the flamboyance of your traditional wristwatch you always prefer to wear.

Travels With You In Places Where Even Phones Can’t Survive

COGITO POP works on a button-cell battery which doesn’t require any additional charge and can survive for an entire year at a time post which all that you’d need is just a battery replacement. No bulky chargers to be carried around while you have the POP on your wrists. Together with this, the 10 ATM water resistance makes this watch handy during situations when you can’t carry your phone around (such as during rainfalls or under the shower). But however, do not mistake it to be a scuba-diving watch ever!

COGITO POP fashionable smartwatch

The fact that this timepiece offers an excellent solution in the world of smartwatches is evident from the recognition it had in CES 2014 by receiving two awards in Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering for Wireless Handset Accessories and Bronze A’ Design Award Winner for Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Category. Cutting edge consumer products are always worth a dime in the world of electronics and COGITO POP definitely stands tall from this aspect. Currently priced at $129.95, this is a smartwatch that has erased the misconception smartwatches generally have amongst consumers. Through the use of innovative designing and clear-cut technology, COGITO POP is undoubtedly a stunning piece of wristwatch you’ve got to wear to feel the difference. Happy Gadgeting!

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