Look your best every day with the Power Stays collar holders

When you have an evening date or a social event at the end of a long day, you still want to look your best. The Power Stays by Würkin Stiffs will keep your collar looking sharp all night long.

Look your best every day with the Power Stays collar holders
  • What are collar stays? They are small accessories that help to support the collar on dress shirts for a fresh, crisp appearance.
  • Do you really need to use collar stays? If you want to look like you’ve made an effort, it’s a good idea to use stays.
  • What are the best collar holders? With a durable, TSA-approved magnetic design, the Power Stays from Würkin Stiffs are streets ahead of the competition.

Everyone knows that first impressions are important. In some social situations, such as a date, even the smallest signals can give the wrong impression. Nice shoes with scuff marks, creased fabric, and pilling cotton are just a few examples.

Another typical case is a collar that appears limp or flies outwards. Thankfully, this problem has a simple solution. The Power Stays from Würkin Stiffs keep your collar looking crisp, even after a day of sweating in the office. They are easy to fit, very discreet, and approved for air travel.

What makes Power Stays better than regular collar stays?

Although the Power Stays aren’t exactly revolutionary, they do exhibit all the hallmarks of good design.

Unlike many collar stays which are made from breakable plastic, these ones are surgical stainless steel. The hand-polished metal resists corrosion, and won’t do any harm to your best dress shirts. Consequently, you should be able to use them for years and years.

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Power Stays are built to last

The Power Stays also have magnets embedded within the design. Using the supplied Power Buttons, you can keep your collar folded down.

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Those Power Buttons are pretty discreet

The buttons are plastic coated to protect the steel and make them more visually discreet. They can be moved to adjust the fold of your collar, and the magnets are powerful enough to keep your collar under control — even in severe wind.

The Power Stays are designed for all kinds of collared shirts, including work shirts, casual attire and sportswear. They’re available to purchase in multiple sizes, and you can save money with multi-packs.

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You can purchase the Power Stays in multiple sizes

In addition, the Power Stays are well suited to regular travelers. The stainless steel is air-travel safe, so you can glide through TSA checks without setting off alarms.

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Father’s Day gift

Of course, you might not wear collared shirts often enough to justify purchasing the Power Stays. However, this set makes a thoughtful gift for Father’s Day.

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Most dads would appreciate this

Würkin Stiffs is a name you can trust, and the quality of these stays shines through.

“Hold onto your shirt, this genuine set of Power Stays is about to change your life. Our patented collar stays have insane magnets that hold your collar in place all day. Experience the difference.” — Würkin Stiffs

What we ❤️

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We’re impressed by Würkin Stiffs’ work

It’s great to see such attention being paid to the design of something so small. The Power Stays are well designed and made from materials that will last. Just as importantly, they get the job done.

Other options

Along with the stainless steel Power Stays, Würkin Stiffs makes plastic collar holders. They aren’t quite as durable, but they are a little cheaper.


– Order now: via WürkinStiffs.com

– Price: $19.50 USD

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