These comfortable earbuds make your music even better

Can you think of a person you know who doesn't like music? You'd probably be hard-pressed to. Most of us use music to motivate us and get us through our daily activities. Working out, yard work, traveling, and commuting are all made just a little bit easier with long as our devices don't hurt our ears.

These comfortable earbuds make your music even better
Comfy’s chic neutral colors will go with any style

Wireless earbuds are the go-to device for mobile music for many people. But if you’ve worn them for any amount of time, you know that most aren’t very comfortable. By the time you’re done mowing the lawn or pounding it out on the treadmill, your ears are sore. And you keep taking time to stop and move your earbud around to relieve some of the pain or pressure points from wearing them too long. Or the worst happens. You drop one. Did it break? Can you even find it? Did it roll underneath something that makes you never want to put it back in your ear again? If this sounds even remotely familiar, KNOW Comfy Comfortable True Wireless Earbuds are for you.

KNOW has solved all of your wireless earbud problems with their comfortable earbuds. They’re so comfortable, it’s in the name twice, so you know they mean business. But they are more than just comfort; they provide you with the sound quality to match how comfortable they are.

Well-rounded, comfortable earbuds

The designers of Comfy have thought about everything to give you the highest-quality stay-in-place earbuds.

A side view of a woman with her head tilted up and her eyes closed, wearing a pair of comfortable earbuds.

KNOW Comfy earbuds are so comfortable, you might just forget you’re wearing them

The best sound

From music to podcasts to audiobooks, you’ll receive the best sound. When your ears throb from music while you’re wearing earbuds, it means the sound quality isn’t the best. It’s too tinny, or there is too much bass. KNOW provides you with a proprietary sound profile that will eliminate this and give you the most comfortable sound experience for whatever you’re streaming through your earbuds. So grab a fluffy pillow, a mug of coffee or tea, and settle in to relax.

The most comfort

No more painful ears with the Comfy Comfortable True Wireless Earbuds. You won’t be removing them to give your ears a break from the pain. This ergonomic design is guaranteed to fit comfortable in any ear. And with the removable Snug Arms, they won’t fall out either.

A person holding a case of comfortable earbuds and pulling one out.

Your Comfy earbuds case holds 18 hours of extra charge

Listen for longer

You’re on the plane, there’s a woman talking really loudly behind you. You’ve managed to drown her out with music, but you’ve still got an hour to go in your four-hour flight. And your earbuds die. Not with KNOW. You’ll have a full 6 hours of battery life in your earbuds, along with another 18 hours stored in the case. And the case is Qi-enabled, which is pretty cool. If you can withstand just five minutes of that shrill voice behind you, you’ll get 1.5 hours of listening out of just 5 minutes of charging.

Comfy’s comfort comes from their innovative design

Comfy’s creators set out to do what the bigger brands are unable to do because of their restrictions. They spent years working for some of the top audio companies and knew that consumer’s needs weren’t being met. We’re all pretty tired of spending a ton of money on wireless earbuds that hurt our ears.

A side view of a bearded man in sunglasses wearing a pair of comfortable earbuds.

Even if you’re jogging across town, these earbuds will stay in place

The team at KNOW spent a ton of time working on how to make the bud smaller. That’s where most of the discomfort comes from, since large buds put pressure on the concha and tragus. Smaller bud, happier ears. They also designed 3 sizes of ear gel sizes and 3 sizes of the Snug Arms so you can find the combination that works the best for your ears.

Let’s talk about these touch controls

Because they are pretty darn awesome. Getting your phone out to change stuff when you’re out in the yard, on a bike ride, or working out is a pain. And if there are teeny buttons somewhere on the earbud itself? Forget about it.

This intuitive touch control design will blow your mind

  • To pause and play, all you do is give the top of the earbud a simple tap.
  • Taking the earbud out and putting it back in will auto pause and auto play whatever you’re listening to.
  • Slide your finger up or down the length of the earbud for volume control.
  • Double tap the top of the bud to go to the next track.
  • Triple tap the top of bud to go back a track.
  • When a call comes in, answer it with a single tap on the top of the bud; end the call the same way.

The packaging is just as awesome

Not only are the wireless earbuds important, the packaging is super important as well. You need a package that isn’t just going to store and charge your earbuds. It needs to protect them. Because we all know how many times earbuds get dropped. And it’s not a low number.

A woman's hand holding a case of comfortable earbuds.

This small packaging holds more than you think

Comfy’s case has a stainless steel hinge and magnets, so you can be sure that when you drop or jostle the case, the lid will stay closed and your wireless earbuds will stay inside. And the colors are pretty great too. Of course, there is the standard black, but the other three colors are fresh and neutral: Glow, Plum Gray, and Sage.

You’ll get everything you need

Your Qi-enabled charging case will come with everything you need. Not just bits and pieces and a setup designed to make you purchase more accessories down the road. Nope, they’ve got you covered.

  • Case
  • Comfy comfortable earbuds
  • Small, medium, and large ear gels
  • Snug arms in none, small, medium, and large
  • USB-C charging cable
An open case of black comfortable earbuds.

Magnets and a stainless steel hinge ensure your earbuds stay in place

What we ❤️

We love that these earbuds have an IPX5 water resistance rating. You can wear them in the rain without worrying about ruining them. And those touch controls are amazing and will be so easy and convenient to use.

What we’d ❤️ to see in the future

One of the things that could make these earbuds even better is if they featured active noise-canceling features. It’s a feature that is becoming more available in earbuds, and it would be nice to have super comfortable earbuds that could drown everything else out.

Buy your comfortable earbuds

You can get in on the action and receive your KNOW Comfy Comfortable True Wireless Earbuds for only $121 on their Kickstarter. You’ll have them by February 2020.

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