Cool Gadgets That Will Appeal to Your Inner Nerd

Cool Gadgets That Will Appeal to Your Inner Nerd

Whether you’re heading back to school or just looking for a few new gadgets to play with, there are lots of cool devices to appeal to your inner nerd. Some of them are so commonsensical that under nobody has ever done these before, while others are a new twist on an older premise, others are just silly and fun. So take a trip with us and take a look at what the world of gadgets and thingamabobs beyond the selfie stick has to offer.

Dot Smartwatch. This is one of those things that is so commonsensical you don’t understand why nobody has done it before. South Korean company Dot has eight new smartwatch that dots that are mechanically raised can give visually impaired users time, read text messages, translate tweets to braille, and with models of e-readers. With all the noise about the latest tablets and smartphones, the world of tech is not very good at assisting those who may have accessibility gaps. This watch is a big step towards addressing the needs of the visually impaired.

Panasonic has released an affordable new entry in the wearable camera states, the Panasonic HX-A1. This lightweight camera comes in black or a color that may be termed international orange. It’s ultralight, and gives you 1080 P full HD in a 1.6-ounce body that is freeze proof is Fahrenheit, dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof. Whether it’s a day hike in the woods, or an endurance event like a triathlon this affordable portable can make your day.

For those helicopter parents that really can’t let go, the SleepIQ Kids’ Bed is a smart bed that tracks breathing, heart rate, and movement without the need for another wearable device. The bed comes equipped with a nightlight, and a down light from under the bed that turns on when the child it’s out of bed. The bed also tattles to the parents to let them know that the child is on the move. It retails for $1000, however since the bed will grow with your child it can prove invaluable in those teen years when it let you know that your little darling is sneaking out.

Budgee, the personal robot assistant, can make anyone feel like a movie star but it can be a special blessing for busy moms or those with issues that can prevent them from carrying bags or groceries. Whether your wrangling a wheelchair or walker, keeping track of toddlers, or humping a bag through the airport this little fella will follow you around faithfully controlled by an app on your smartphone or tablet.

The Quicklock padlock is a Bluetooth electronic padlock which comes with their own branded RF/NFC wireless keys, or can be opened by using an app on your smartphone. Battery life is up to two years, and the lock is weather resistant. No more losing your padlock keys or fumbling around to try and remember your combination.

3-D printing is going mainstream. Whether it’s printing out an entire car, or making a toy for your child, printers are coming into more homes than ever before. The Buccaneer is easy to set up, with great print pulp quality, and not as finicky as many 3-D printers are. It does require a Wi-Fi connection, but it’s great as a first 3-D printer for new users. Experienced users may want something with a little more bells and whistles to tweak, but for a novice this is the perfect starter printer.

We all miss our pets when where at work and we worry about them, too. Now you can check up on your four-footed friends with Petcube. This video camera system allows you to tune into what your pets are doing through your Android or iPhone. You can also talk to your friend through an onboard mic system, and use a laser pointer to interact and entertain them even though you’re not home.

Birksun solar backpacks and messenger bags are great way to carry your gear and keep it charged. Whether you use the backpack or messenger bag, you’ll have lots of room, great style, and topped off batteries wherever you go. Recommended by PC Magazine, Luxury Travel, and Forbes Travel Guide, these bags are perfect for commutes, travel, or an active lifestyle where you go frequently off the beaten path. If you can’t live without your smartphone or your tablet this is the perfect gift for yourself.

These are just a few of the really cool gadgets that can find with just a quick Google search. A lot of them made big noise back at CES show in January. No matter what you’re looking for there is a gadget that your lifestyle or at the very least will provide a few hours of cool entertainment.

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