Coolest smart eyewear to buy in summer 2021—Bose Frames Tempo, Amazon Echo Frames, & more

Summer is right around the corner, and one of the best accessories for this season is sunglasses. Protecting your eyes under direct sunlight is important, but, as a gadget fiend, you want your eyewear to boast something extra: smart features. Listen to music, answer calls, and more with our selection of the top 10 coolest smart eyewear for 2021.

Coolest smart eyewear to buy in summer 2021—Bose Frames Tempo, Amazon Echo Frames, & more
Cool smart eyewear for summer 2021

What exactly is smart eyewear? Considered a novelty, this type of eyewear can also act as headphones, a dual phone screen, a camera, or even a navigation system. Equipped with a Bluetooth connection at the bare minimum, smart eyewear can even overlay digital information directly onto your lenses, so you needn’t check your phone for directions or notifications. These high-tech wearables support AR technology to create a diverse experience that does more than protect your eyes from UV damage.

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We conjured up a list of the top 10 coolest smart eyewear. These are lighter, have more protection, and feature more advanced high-tech hardware than traditional glasses. From noise-canceling microphones to Alexa compatibility, these glasses offer features you’ll want. Continue reading to explore our thought-out selection.

1. Featuring two Bose speakers, the Bose Frames Tempo play loud and deep music for outdoor ventures or while you exercise.

With the Bose Frames Tempo, you can experience your music aloud. Designed with speakers at each temple, they direct the sound to your ears, so people won’t hear your audio. In fact, with Bose Open Ear Audio technology, you’ll experience a quality that matches high-end earbuds. Furthermore, this smart eyewear sports an IPX4 water-resistant rating that’s suitable for wearing in the rain.

Order yours for $249 from the official Bose website.

2. Thin and stylish, the Vue Lite feature built-in directional speakers for crystal-clear sound directed to only your ears when outdoors.

For the coolest smart eyewear, reach for Vue Lite. Pair them with your phone using Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, so you can listen to your favorite songs anywhere. Additionally, this eyewear includes a built-in microphone, allowing you to make calls and use a voice assistant for internet access. Super thin and stylish, they’re a great addition to your summer wardrobe.

Get yours for $199.

3. The Amazon 2nd Gen Echo Frames use open-ear audio and Alexa compatibility for listening to music and taking calls on the go.

Use the Amazon 2nd Gen Echo Frames for personal or business use. Get hands-free access to set reminders, listen to podcasts, make calls, and much more with Alexa built in. This cool eyewear even lets you customize the notifications you receive, so you can filter the most important content. With a 23-hour playback battery life and two hours of talk time, these wearables are great for everyday use.

Purchase yours from Amazon for $249.99.

4. Featuring a microphone and two buttons to skip tracks, the Lucyd Lyte is a great way to stay connected without looking at your phone.

Limit your screen time with the Lucyd Lyte. This is one of the coolest smart eyewear for style and functionality and consists of two shapes: round and square. Designed with ease, it lets you skip tracks, use voice assistants, and talk to friends with Bluetooth connectivity. In fact, the 50-foot Bluetooth range allows you to keep your phone away so you can remain more present.

Purchase this cool eyewear for $149.

5. Experience clear videos with the Vuzix Next Gen Smart Glasses. They use a high-density pixel array for both monochrome and full-color situations. They’re sleek and completely wireless.

Vuzix Next Gen Smart Glasses

The Vuzix Next Gen Smart Glasses incorporate MicroLED display engines and combine function with practicality and style. Moreover, they sport a low-power MicroLED display that works in combination with the built-in noise-canceling microphones. As a result, you can answer calls with clarity, so you’ll never miss an important conversation.

The price and release date have yet to be announced for this high-tech eyewear.

6. The RYIDAR LinkLens come with an audio-enabled system and provide exceptional sound, even when it’s windy.

Use the RYIDAR LinkLens while you endure outdoor snowsports because, with noise-cancellation technology, they deliver high-quality audio in all conditions. Additionally, you can use LinkLens to answer calls. Simply press the button to activate voice assistance for hands-free communication and use.

Purchase these smart glasses for a reduced price of $156.87.

7. Adjust focus easily with the VOY Tunable Glasses. This cool eyewear offers a focus range from -5D to +2D.

VOY Tunable Glasses

If you’re tired of switching glasses throughout the day to adjust your vision, the VOY Tunable Glasses easily provide 20/20 vision. In particular, you can alter the focus, which is great for alternating between far-away and close-up subjects. In fact, these smart glasses are a must-have for a change in eyesight.

Order yours for $79.

8. Featuring a built-in microphone and speakers, the Razer Anzu lets you answer calls hands-free or listen to music on the go.

You’ll want to wear the Razer Anzu eyewear all summer. Although they’re not sunglasses, these wearables boast some high-tech features we think you’ll love. For example, they’re equipped with two speakers that provide exceptional sound quality. Therefore, you can take important business calls without even looking at your phone.

Get yours for $199.99.

9. Enjoy immersive sound with the Bose Frames audio AR sunglasses. This high-tech eyewear is designed for outdoor wear.

Bose Frames Audio AR Sunglasses

The Bose Frames audio AR sunglasses are cool and smart. They block up to 99% of UVA and UVB rays to protect your eyes from sun damage. In addition, these sunglasses include a one-button control: power on/off, accept/reject calls, play/pause music, and access Siri or Google Assistant. Also, the open-ear design allows you to engage with your world while listening to your favorite songs.

Order your refurbished Bose sunglasses for a reduce price of $129.

10. Add wireless audio to your sunglasses or prescription glasses with the high-tech JLab JBuds Open-Ear Audio Frames.

Finally, for the coolest smart eyewear, look to the JLab JBuds Open-Ear Audio Frames. This accessory attaches to your current eyewear to provide over eight hours of audio to motivate your outdoor runs and more. Best of all, this accessory fits most eyewear and features powerful 16 mm drivers for high-quality audio.

Purchase yours from the official JLab website for $49.

So there you have our list of the top coolest smart eyewear to treat yourself to. Which of these smart glasses can you imagine wearing in summer 2021? Share your favorites in the comments.

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