Let Your Imagination Fly with Cosmos

Let Your Imagination Fly with Cosmos

When you think of kids’ toys nowadays, what do you think of? A faux smartphone with all the buttons and noises? Or perhaps a doll that can speak? With such great technology available, we’ve injected electronics into our lives for every age level. The only downside to this is that we wonder less. Technology gives us so many answers but that means not much is left to the imagination.

Introducing Cosmos by Huzi, the wooden blocks equipped with magnets to encourage anyone and everyone to wonder and explore. Cosmos, as the name suggests, have a space theme and are designed for anyone of all ages, from six years old. Imagine and create space shuttles and satellites or planets and rockets. Cosmos get you thinking and building your own universe by hand.

Huzi Cosmos

Cosmos come in packs with design styles inspired by real life objects for you to customise. For example, the shuttle design takes seven pieces but can be assembled how you’d like. There are also styles for a lander, rocket, planet, and satellite. Much like Lego, you can go off script and combine the sets to create even more. Huzi have outlined designs for loads more objects including a Martian, fighter jet, telescope, and more. Because of the simple design, the possibilities, and your imagination, are endless. It’s up to you to decide how these objects look and what their purpose is.

Huzi pieces

All of the Cosmos blocks are made with Beech wood and have one of three exteriors: natural wood with a unique grain feel, white matte for a smooth coating, or black with a soft texture. The difference in texture adds to the sensory experience. The blocks are elegant and beautiful and even strong enough to leave on display after playtime is over.

Huzi magnet system

Using a patented neodymium magnetic system, the Cosmos block easily snap together. Incredibly, the magnetic parts remain retracted inside the block until another block is close enough for a connection. This keeps the blocks safe with no protruding parts and also long lasting as the magnets can’t be damaged.

Huzi shuttle

Cosmos are currently on Kickstarter but act quickly if you’d like your own set as the campaign ends December 16th. They’ve raised nearly $50k to beat out their original $30k goal. For just $25 you can get the planet style design or for $150 the Odyssey set which includes all five styles. Huzi expect to ship in June 2016.

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