Create a warm, cozy home for your sourdough starter with this helpful starter container

Can't get the results you want from your sourdough starter? A cold kitchen is likely the culprit. Keep your starter warm and active with the Goldie starter container.

Create a warm, cozy home for your sourdough starter with this helpful starter container
Goldie is your new favorite kitchen accessory

Grow your sourdough starter in that ideal 75°F–82°F range with the Goldie sourdough starter container. This sourdough starter incubator has a beautiful glass design and boasts a useful auto-warming function.

Did you try perfecting your sourdough starter over the last couple of years? Then you probably noticed that its preferred temperature is pretty toasty. Luckily, Goldie lets you warm your starter and still run the air conditioner in the summer. Let’s check it out.

Goldie sourdough starter container
Goldie on a kitchen counter

Warm your starter to the Goldilocks Zone

Tasty bread relies on an active starter. And starters are most active around 75°F–82°F, which is the Goldilocks Zone.

Since many people keep their homes around 68°F–72°F, the temperature difference is significant. Typical room temperature can make your starter sluggish, which results in bread that won’t rise or double as it should.

Goldie sourdough starter container
Goldie keeps your starter comfortable

Create a warm home for your sourdough starter

Thankfully, this kitchen gadget solves the issue of a cool kitchen. It features an auto-warming function that gradually warms your starter up to that ideal temperature range.

And it’s simple to use: just place your jar under the cloche and power on the device. The incubator then monitors the interior temperature and adjusts the warmth accordingly, always keeping your starter in the correct zone.

According to the company’s Kickstarter page, the device will never overheat your starter. However, on days when you want to slow your starter’s growth, you can turn off the auto-warming feature.

Goldie sourdough starter container
Goldie with sourdough starter

See how your starter is feeling with the temperature light

Goldie also makes it easier to understand your starter’s health with its top temperature light. It shines Blue in a cold kitchen, indicating a sluggish, inactive starter.

The Gold light means that the starter is at a good temperature and is ready for baking. Finally, the Red light shines when your kitchen is too hot and your starter is sleepy.

According to the company, when you keep an eye on these lights for some time, your starter will become less mysterious and more predictable. This will lead to improved results and less frustration.

Goldie sourdough starter container
Sourhouse Starter Jars with starter

Cool your sourdough starter on hot days

If you don’t use air conditioning—or your AC breaks down during a heatwave—you need to prevent your sourdough starter from overheating. And the Sourhouse Cooling Puck helps you bring it back to a better temperature.

Simply remove the Cooling Puck from the freezer and place it atop your jar to drop the temperature. Meanwhile, the Goldie will keep working so that your starter doesn’t get too cold.

Official Goldie YouTube video

Double your starter faster

Even better, this sourdough starter incubator can cut an hour or more off your typical doubling time, making it a true time-saver. And it doesn’t matter if you keep your starter in the fridge or on the counter.

Save space in your kitchen with this starter-warming device

Don’t worry, this sourdough starter incubator won’t add clutter to your kitchen counter thanks to its small footprint. In fact, the incubator creates a designated spot for your starter, keeping it tidy and preventing accidents.

Use less energy than DIY warming methods

Sure, there are plenty of DIY starter warming methods that use devices you already own. But heating your entire oven for a jar of starter is costly and wastes energy.

On the other hand, Goldie’s plug-in design uses minimal wattage and targeted warming, reducing the costs and keeping energy use down.

Show off your bread-baking hobby with this starter warmer

The creators rightly point out that, all too often, baking tools end up hidden in our cupboards and drawers, never seeing the light of day until we drag them out for a recipe. Goldie, however, is a baking gadget you’ll want to display.

Its borosilicate glass cloche looks incredibly modern and allows you to see your starter when you’re cooking. It becomes a functional decoration and will undoubtedly start some conversations at your next dinner party.

Check out the Sourhouse Starter Jar

The company notes that you can use pretty much any jar with Goldie. But its Sourhouse Starter Jar is probably one of the easiest to clean.

It has no threads where your starter can collect and glob up. Moreover, the lid clings to the outside of the jar and keeps the starter secure while allowing it to breathe.

Then, the flat bottom provides excellent contact with the device’s warming base, resulting in a better heat transfer. And the clear borosilicate glass makes it easy to spot bits of unmixed flour.

Best of all, each PINT jar has dots in 50 ml and 100 ml, helping you judge rising increments. Otherwise, the QUART jar has 100 ml and 200 ml dots for larger starters.

Read our final thoughts

You really can perfect your sourdough recipe with this sourdough starter incubator. Unlike DIY methods, it automatically warms your starter, constantly adjusting the temperature to keep it in best range. What’s more, it is easy to use, is compact, and looks great in your kitchen.

Preorder the Goldie sourdough starter container for $99 on Kickstarter. What baking gadgets do you own and love? Tell us about them in the comments.

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