Cuff Makes Bluetooth Security a Subtle Fashion Accessory

The world is a dangerous place. We have locks for everything, our houses, our cars, even our phones. Everything has incorporated technology into security, from smart locks on our houses and cars to smart carbon monoxide detectors that link into an integrated network that also includes smart air conditioning.

What about personal security for women? Sure, they have their phones that can be tracked via GPS but what if they have their phone in their pocket when they’re attacked so they can’t reach it fast enough to call for help and the attackers break their phone? The only connection to the outside world is severed the instant they lose their phone and people these days know about what smartphones can do so how do we provide personal security for women that will be invisible to the eyes of those who wish them harm?


Location and Safety

The Cuff is the solution. Connected by an app on your phone, the Cuff is a piece of jewelry that will alert your most important people when you press it. It vibrates silently when sending out an SOS so it won’t antagonize the attackers and possibly make the situation worse. Silence and subtlety are the key focus points of the design of the jewelry. The pieces are designed so that they look like a normal piece of fashion rather than the high tech life saver that it is.


The idea is simple but there are some important key points that make the Cuff more than just a locating device. First, your Cuff will vibrate when anyone with you in their important circle presses their Cuff or it will go to your phone. In other words, the actual piece of jewelry does not have to be worn in order to receive and SOS from someone. Second, the Cuff does not need to be charged or have the batteries changed because the Cuff will last for an entire year on one charge. Third, sending an SOS is not a one and done deal and hoping someone sees the alert the first time. The Cuff will continue to alert your protective circle until someone acknowledges the alert. Finally, the Cuff is water resistant and claims to stay functional in the rain and in the shower.


Safety and Fashion Make for a Quite Useful Piece of Jewelry

The Cuff website offers 10 different types of jewelry that starts at $35 and reaches $150. For something that could save the life of a loved one, you can’t beat the deal. Unfortunately, the Cuff only works with Apple products at the moment although they are promising an Android app once the Android platform utilizes Bluetooth in a more consistent way. If you are an Apple girl or a guy who has an Apple girl, the Cuff is a peaceful frame of mind that won’t break the bank or even your wallet.

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