CYCO makes sure you will never forget your pills

Some of us have to take the right pills at the right time. If you find yourself forgetting, this smart pill box might be the answer.

  • Is it dangerous to forget your medication? It certainly can be. Ask your doctor about the implications and what you should do.
  • What is the best way to remember pills? It helps to have some kind of reminder and an organized system. Using a smart pill box can help.
  • What is the best smart pill box? There are many different options, but CYCO offers a simple solution.

Modern healthcare is a miracle. Conditions that were once deadly can often now be managed to the point of insignificance. To maintain your good health, however, it’s essential to follow doctor’s orders.

The problem is, many of us simply forget to take our pills on time, or at all. It only takes an interesting lunchtime conversation to overrun, and you can find yourself suffering the consequences for weeks.

CYCO is an intelligent pill box that helps you stick with the program. Through the companion app, you can set up a custom schedule and get medication reminders. Meanwhile, the pill box itself calculates and measures out the ideal dosage.

What is an intelligent pill box?

Whereas a traditional pill box relies on the patient to keep things organized, an intelligent pill box keeps track of your medications for you.

CYCO does this with built-in sensors. In fact, this box can tell whether you have taken the right pill at the right time. It works with any kind of medication, and you can create a schedule to suit your medical needs.

intelligent pill box 02

Healthcare assistance

In addition, the benefits extend beyond the person taking the pills. If you have elderly relatives, for instance, CYCO helps you take care of your loved ones.

How do I remember to take my pills?

Managing your medications couldn’t be simpler with CYCO. After you have installed the smartphone app, you can create your schedule.

intelligent pill box 04

The CYCO app

CYCO lets you specify the exact time that you need to take each pill on a seven-day schedule. You can also include the name, frequency and dosage information for any given medication.

intelligent pill box 07

Only the right dose

You then simply load up the pill box with your medications. There are seven compartments — one for each day of the week — with a secure lid to ensure your pills don’t go AWOL.

Smart medication

intelligent pill box 06

Set it and forget it

At your scheduled time, CYCO will automatically unlock the lid on the correct compartment. At the same time, LED lights indicate which pills you need to take at that moment.

intelligent pill box 03

Potential life-saver

As you remove your medication, the box can tell if you have picked up the right pills. If you either fail to take your medication or grab the wrong pills, CYCO will send an instant warning to your phone. Furthermore, the app can forward data to a designated caregiver.

In essence, this gadget is your personal medical assistant.

“Taking medication as prescribed is extremely important to the overall effectiveness of any treatment process.…CYCO makes it easy by keeping track of your schedule and reminding you when to take which medication. It can even send activity information to your family members or caregivers.” — Qualife on Kickstarter

What we ❤️

Managing your medication can feel like a part-time job. This intelligent pill box lets you focus on more important things.

intelligent pill box 05

Medical helper

Future upgrades

If this Kickstarter campaign reaches its stretch goal, each CYCO box will come with a free additional layer for pill storage.


– Kickstarter: Until August 15th

– Pledge: $45 USD

– Delivery: November 2018

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