Wasting money always hurts. Losing your money to thieves hurts even more. Both scenarios play out regularly nowadays thanks to contactless credit cards. The dfy360 RFID-Blocking Wallet saves the day, with three layers of protection for your cards, inside a stylish design.

– Shields your cards from payment terminals and high-tech thieves

– Multiple layers protect your cards from all angles

– Four slots for cards and bills, packed inside beautiful leather

RFID-blocking in style

Wallets have been getting thinner and easier to pocket in recent years. The minimalist trend is great for style, but not always so good for keeping your money secure. Likewise, many RFID-blocking wallets are not so easy on the eye.

The dfy360 RFID-Blocking Wallet Protects Your Money in Style

The dfy360 wallet blends the best of both worlds. It is made from beautiful vegetable-tanned leather, and the bifold design will be familiar to most people. There are four colors to choose from, each adding a different character to the natural material.

The dfy360 RFID-Blocking Wallet Protects Your Money in Style

Inside, there are several layers of RFID protection. Each card has two shields, and the whole wallet blocks contactless payments. This 360-degree defense makes it virtually impossible for anyone to trigger your cards without your say so.

The dfy360 RFID-Blocking Wallet Protects Your Money in Style

In addition, this wallet stays slender when full. You can stuff in every card and bill you own, and it will slip nicely into your back pocket. The four card slots can be used for cards, bills, or both. This design gives you quick access to everything, while keeping your money secure.

“Now you can buy a great wallet, and still have money left over to put in it.” – dfy360 campaign on Kickstarter

What we <3

These wallets combine premium design and great protection.

Future designs

You can never have too many colors!

The dfy360 RFID-Blocking Wallet Protects Your Money in Style


The dfy360 wallet is available for pre-order now via Kickstarter, starting at $29 on the Early Bird pledge tier. Backers can expect shipping to begin in July.

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