Thync makes it easy to keep track of your schedule

While digital calendars have many great features, they lack the visual accessibility of a wall calendar. That changes with Thync, a digital display that provides instant access to your upcoming schedule.

Thync makes it easy to keep track of your schedule
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  • Can you sync a paper diary with a digital calendar? Yes, but such systems require you to scan every paper entry with your phone.
  • What is the easiest way to view your digital calendar? Thync is a small display that can be placed anywhere around your home to provide instant access to your digital calendar.

Digital organization has many benefits. Online to-do lists can contain recurring tasks, while calendar entries can be enhanced with mobile notifications. When you run a busy schedule, these features make all the difference.

The only problem with using Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook is that you must open an app to see your schedule. This might seem like a minor task, but it’s much less convenient than glancing at a wall calendar. Thync offers the best of both worlds — this small device puts your digital calendar on permanent display, along with loads of useful information.

Why do I need a digital calendar?

Picking up your smartphone during your working day is always a dangerous move. You may have gone looking for a specific thing, but it’s highly probable that you will be sucked down a rabbit hole of unanswered emails and Words with Friends challenges.

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By placing a digital calendar on your desk, it’s possible to check your schedule without opening yourself to distractions. Furthermore, you can easily see what’s coming up in the next month at a glance.

smart calendar - Thync makes it easy to keep track of your schedule

Check your schedule with Thync

This is the service that Thync provides. The device is small and uncomplicated, but it gets the job done. Whenever you need to check your appointments, you simply look at this standalone display. You can tap the screen to see more details, and use gesture controls to scroll through different views.

Thync syncs with Google, Outlook, and other online platforms. You can view each calendar separately, or combine your work and personal schedules in one calendar.

More than a smart calendar

smart calendar - Thync makes it easy to keep track of your schedule

See what’s on at theaters near you

Of course, knowing where you’re going and who you’re meeting isn’t always enough. That’s why Thync puts more information at your fingertips.

smart calendar - Thync makes it easy to keep track of your schedule

Use Thync as a digital photo frame

Through simple menus, you can use the device to check the weather and see the latest news. You can also look up what’s playing at your local cinema, and even catch up with sports results.

smart calendar - Thync makes it easy to keep track of your schedule

Customize your calendar with Thync

In addition, Thync doubles as a digital photo frame. You can use any image as a background to your calendar, or simply view your favorite image fullscreen.

“Time is a luxury in today’s society. Intelligent scheduling is more important than ever to save time for the important things in life. The Smart Calendar Thync helps you with that in an innovative yet unprecedented way.” — Vitec on Kickstarter

What we like

This device offers the perfect middle ground between digital features and paper intuitiveness. It makes a great addition to any desk or nightstand.

Future designs

At the prototype stage, Thync’s interface looks a little dated. We would love to see a cleaner look as the software develops.


– Kickstarter: Until May 7th

– Pledge: $140.59 USD

– Delivery: November 2019

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