MusicBox makes it easy to access your playlists

When you’re hosting a house party, you don’t want to be messing about with your phone to find the right playlist. MusicBox offers easier access, with a large touchscreen and support for every major streaming service.

MusicBox makes it easy to access your playlists
  • How do I connect my ancient hi-fi to Spotify? You’re probably going to need some kind of wireless adapter, such as a Chromecast.
  • Which speakers work with Apple Music? Only Apple’s HomePod and Amazon Echo devices support Apple Music out of the box.
  • What is the best way to browse online playlists? We would recommend using MusicBox. This device lets you browse several streaming platforms in one place and send tunes to your hi-fi.

Before the age of streaming and the iPod, few people had access to the charts at home. Instead, they would pile into the local bar and fire up the jukebox — a freestanding machine that allowed anyone with a nickel to choose a song. It might seem quaint by today’s standards, but the system was great for sharing music with your friends.

MusicBox revives this shared listening experience and repackages it for the age of streaming. This device lets you browse through every major streaming platform, send tunes to your hi-fi, and control your smart home.

What is a digital jukebox?

Whereas jukeboxes of old were filled with vinyl, MusicBox is powered by Android. It stands upright on any flat surface, much like a picture frame. You select your tunes via the touchscreen, and sound comes pouring out of the built-in speaker.

digital jukebox - MusicBox makes it easy to access your playlists

Connect MusicBox to your speakers wirelessly

MusicBox works with Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, Deezer, and SoundCloud. In addition, the device gives you unlimited access to CLiGGO Music, a brand new music app.

If you prefer to listen through a dedicated sound system, MusicBox will oblige. The device connects to any speaker with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Alternatively, you can hook up your ancient hi-fi using a Chromecast.

digital jukebox - MusicBox makes it easy to access your playlists

You can mount MusicBox on the wall

While MusicBox works well for one listener, this device really shines at parties. You can place it on a shelf or mount it on the wall and allow guests to select their favorite tracks.

[tweet_box]MusicBox is a Spotify jukebox and photo booth in one[/tweet_box]

Not just music

There’s another reason why MusicBox is great for parties. The device actually has a built-in camera, which allows you to take selfies. It’s basically a jukebox and photo booth in one.

You can even use the device to control the smart lights and connected appliances around your home. Being powered by Android, MusicBox works with a huge range of useful apps.

digital jukebox - MusicBox makes it easy to access your playlists

MusicBox doubles as a photo booth

This means you could use the display as a digital photo frame, or listen to podcasts via Stitcher.

“The perfect sound system integrates you with your music and brings it to life in the living room. Hang it on the wall and sit back, our MusicBox with its unlimited songs will take you to a different place. With its elegant design and compact dimensions, the MusicBox will fit perfectly into your home.” — CLiGGO on Kickstarter

Music streaming perfection

We like the idea of making music more accessible, particularly for house parties. MusicBox lets anyone pick a song, dim the lights and take a drunken selfie.

Things to note

Although MusicBox is powered by Android, not every app will work on this device. The digital jukebox runs Oreo 8.1, and it’s a little underpowered.


– Kickstarter: Until May 25th

– Pledge: $330.97 USD

– Delivery: September 2019

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