These digital phone tags help you get your tech back

It's easy to forget your phone or tablet in a café, in a store, or on a park bench—we have all been there. But, what if there was a way to safeguard your devices against loss and have control over your device inventory? Lucky for you, there now is! FoundThem Phone Tags make it easier for someone else to return your lost device to you. These virtual phone tags make the process safe, anonymous, and easy.

These digital phone tags help you get your tech back
FoundThem virtual phone tags

Do you want to avoid losing your smartphone or tablet? Have a look at the FoundThem Phone Tags. Acting as property insurance, this technology gives you an image on your lock screen so that anyone who finds your device can easily see the image and take steps to report it. If you’re someone who sets your phone down in a restaurant, at school, or at work, this digital phone tag can help you get your tech back.

FoundThem phone tags

The FoundThem Phone Tags work by using a unique image as your lock screen. The lock screen consists of a background with the text, “Have you found a lost phone? We can help reunite the owner with this phone. Please scan the QR Code or enter the URL.” You then see a QR code that the finder can scan with their own device. It’s an ingenious service and one that everyone can appreciate. Let’s take a closer look at these digital phone tags.

How do these device finders work?

Once you receive a digital phone tag, you’ll get an image that’s sized for any device with a lock screen. Simply apply the image to your lock screen so that if anyone finds it, the digital phone tag is the first thing the finder sees when they pick up your phone. Once someone has found your lost phone, they can either scan the aforementioned QR code with their device or type in the URL. Then they will use the form to type in the unique seven-digit code that is assigned to each user. Next, the FoundThem team coordinates shipping to you, completely separate from the finder. You never contact each other or learn anything about one another. It is a safe, organized process.

FoundThem virtual phone tags

How secure are these virtual phone tags?

Anyone who buys a FoundThem product—including the Phone Tags—can be sure that their identity is safe even if their item is lost. The FoundThem team does all communication with the finder. All you have to do is report that the item is missing. If your seven-digit code is used, the company contacts you to arrange delivery. It sounds simple, and it is. So, the next time you misplace your iPhone 12, you can have peace of mind.

Are returns easy for the finder?

Yes, they are. FoundThem Phone Tags actually make it easier to be a good Samaritan because the service gives the finder a hassle-free way to do the right thing. All they have to do is scan the QR code, and these digital phone tags make the rest of the process a breeze. So no more worrying about a finder having to jump through hoops and maybe even meet you in person to return your lost device. Now, you can breathe easier knowing that you made the return as simple and safe as possible for both of you.

FoundThem virtual phone tags in use

What is the iOS app component?

These digital tags also have an iOS app that’s free to download and works in conjunction with FoundThem products. It lets you register your FoundThem Phone Tags and keep track of all of the items on which you’ve installed Phone Tags. The app lets you add as many devices as you like. So any device that has a lock screen can have one of these tags. On the app, you can register new physical tags, mark items as lost, manage your gear inventory, and add images from your iPhone camera or Gallery.

How much does this device locater cost?

Pricing for these digital phone tags is just $9 per year. For this price, you receive a customized and unique mobile tag that you can use as your phone’s background. And, for $29 per year, the company pays 100% of the shipping services if your phone has been lost and found anywhere in the world. The best part is that it doesn’t matter how many times you lose it—your device gets returned to you for free. Now that’s a cool product.

FoundThem virtual phone tags

Our devices are so much more than, well, devices. Smartphones and tablets are true personal items since we look at them constantly throughout the day. And they contain treasured photos, projects for work, and past conversations. Not to mention how expensive they are. With all that in mind, these are gadgets that you want back in your possession. The FoundThem Phone Tags make it possible in a safe, convenient way. If you tend to misplace your tech or want to keep your devices safe, these digital phone tags are just what you need.

The FoundThem Phone Tags start at $9 per year, and you can buy yours on the company’s official website.

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