This disinfectant bracelet is the item you want with you every day

Bottles of hand sanitizer are easy to misplace but with CleanWrist sanitizer bracelet, having a disinfectant nearby is easy. This wearable disinfectant dispenser has a cool design, is comfortable to wear, and simple to use. Check out this blog post to see how you can keep your hands clean all the time.

This disinfectant bracelet is the item you want with you every day
CleanWrist Sanitizer Bracelet on a Person Tying Shoes

You want to keep your hands clean and germ-free. But the trouble is, it’s not always easy keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer by your side. I’m talking about when you’re out for your morning jog or running errands with your toddler. In those instances, you really need an easier way to access your hand sanitizer. And might we suggest the CleanWrist sanitizer bracelet? This disinfectant bracelet keeps your hand sanitizer right at your wrist and is comfortable enough to wear all day.

We’ve seen a bunch of wearable disinfectant dispensers enter the market this year, but CleanWrist is one of the coolest designs we’ve seen so far. It’s made of pliable silicone and has a fun look. The sanitizer compartment is shaped like a large gemstone, so in a way, it looks like you’re wearing jewelry. But, of course, appearance isn’t everything. This disinfectant bracelet also has your comfort in mind. It features breathability holes right in the wristband and is super easy to refill.

This wearable hand sanitizer is convenient

Yes, mini bottles of hand sanitizer are easy to carry, but therein lies the problem. You have to carry them. And most people need to use their hands at some point. So you end up storing your bottles of hand sanitizer in a backpack or purse where you can’t reach it easily. When you have hand sanitizer right on your wrist, however, it’s where you need, all the time. So if you’re out for a run and need to push open a gate at the park, you don’t have to worry. Just press the sanitizer compartment of CleanWrist, and you’ll have clean hands right away.

CleanWrist Sanitizer Bracelet

CleanWrist Sanitizer Bracelet on a Person Playing Basketball

This hygiene gadget is breathable

Product designers everywhere know that the most effective wearable products are, well, wearable. This means that people have to like wearing them, and comfort is a huge factor here. One of the problems we’ve seen with wrist wearables of all sorts is that they aren’t very breathable. Such products can cause your wrists to sweat. But not this disinfectant bracelet. CleanWrist has holes built directly into the band, allowing air to circulate and keeping your wrists cool and dry.

CleanWrist Sanitizer Bracelet

CleanWrist Sanitizer Bracelet on a Child at School

This sanitizer bracelet is easy to refill

Another downside to some wearable disinfectant containers is that they’re difficult to refill. Not CleanWrist. This wearable hand sanitizer is easy to refill. Just add sanitizer from any bottle that you already have and relock the dispenser when you’re done. And this brings me to another of this product’s great characteristics; you don’t have to buy special sanitizer cartridges or tools to refill it. Sanitizer from any bottle, even pump bottles, will do. It’s a user-friendly attribute and one that makes this disinfectant bracelet so much more “wearable” than others currently out there.

CleanWrist Sanitizer Bracelet

CleanWrist Sanitizer Bracelet on a Wrist

CleanWrist is perfect for busy people

Whether you’re a professional or parent, student, or grandparent, you’re likely out and about at some point every day. For people who can’t always go searching for their bottle of hand sanitizer, CleanWrist offers a great solution. You can wear it pretty much anywhere and have sanitizer right at your wrist. So it’s a great product for kids to wear at school, for professionals to keep with them throughout the day, and for anyone who needs to leave the house to attend appointments.

CleanWrist Sanitizer Bracelet

CleanWrist Sanitizer Bracelet in the Black Color Option

The durable design can handle your active lifestyle

I mentioned above that this disinfectant bracelet is made from pliable silicone. This material is what makes the bracelet so comfortable to wear. It also keeps it durable. The company uses high-quality silicone to produce this wearable, so you can go about your day confident that your wrist hand sanitizer won’t break down. So go ahead, wear it while you work out, chase the kids, and go to work. CleanWrist can take it.

This disinfectant bracelet is a wonderful product for busy people who want to keep themselves and others healthy. It secures your hand sanitizer right on your wrist, which is exactly where you need it. It’s also comfortable to wear and easy to refill. Plus, its quirky design makes this a fun hygiene gadget to wear. Personally, I’m thinking of getting one for everyone in my family.

CleanWrist sanitizer bracelet costs $12 a piece, so it makes a useful, yet inexpensive, holiday gift. You can preorder yours on Kickstarter.

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