Drop Lets You Nail Your Baked Recipes To Perfection

Drop Lets You Nail Your Baked Recipes To Perfection

While digital connectivity in the modern kitchen is slowly rising up the ladder with spectacular innovations, it’s still frustrating for amateur chefs to think of baking their first round of cookies. Kitchen assistants like Mellow or Foodini can surely enhance the overall culinary process by bringing fresh methods such as sous-vide or 3D printing, but when it comes to baking, the world seems to go into that age-old sphere of a messy kitchen top flooded with ingredients you don’t know how to blend perfectly. Baking is an art which, like every other form of creativity, requires a lot of detailing in order to achieve that magical combination of a killer presentation and delicious taste. There are 30 million bakers in the U.S. alone and every single one of them would agree that baking those puffed deliciousness often takes a lot of pain while in the process of making.

The standard format of measuring ingredients based on some recipe from a vintage cookbook is what every baker is bound to follow which does lead to unpredictable results manier times. This is because matching ingredients to that perfect level is a complicated math most cookbooks lack in providing. That’s exactly the point of concern for the team behind this revolutionary kitchen scale that claims to take the baking experience to a whole new level altogether. Drop is not just another ordinary device in your list of kitchen gadgets, it’s probably the only digital assistant that can take your baking adventures to a level of distinctive quality everytime you set forth in preparing something awesome out of the oven.

Be A Confident Baking Hero With Drop

This innovative recipe platform is about removing the headaches and frustration that naturally comes with the process of baking for all. In their launching press release, Ben Harris, co-founder and CEO of Drop had said, “Drop is here to clean up that mess. Our sleek, precise kitchen scale has been designed from the ground-up to work seamlessly with the tablets that people already own and use in their kitchens. Our vision is for baking to be a joyful experience that brings people together over delicious food.” By guiding home-cooks intuitively through this whole baking process, Drop actually lets them take their kitchen skills to a higher level of perfection. Since 47% of users are already into taking their iPads to the kitchen, the team could not have thought of a better way to integrate their scale with the digital world.

Drop baking scale

By using the combination of the weight sensor and the iPad app, Drop takes away the pain of doing all the arithmetic behind the baking process and gives you a neat interface to track your scaling. Now, measuring by weight and not by volume has its own advantages. For example, when you measure with spoons or cups, this affects the standard weight due to the influence of air and humidity levels. But Drop ensures that these effects does not harm your measurement by reacting to local weather data. Lauren Godfrey, Drop’s team baker had said on this, “Measuring by weight is the only way to go if you want to bake with consistency and achieve the results you’re looking for.” Again, baking often results in your kitchen table being loaded with ingredients all over. But through Drop, you’ll mostly be free from cleaning all that mess since this scale is about one-bowl baking. All you need to do is choose a yummy recipe from all the interactive ones Drop offers and follow the step-by-step details there onwards. It will only guide you through the shopping list but also offer substitutions incase you run out of an ingredient. You won’t need to access your iPad time and again as with every step done, the app automatically takes you to the next level. Sticky iPads won’t be a concern anymore. Finally, once you place your cooking base in the oven, the app will inform you through a message once the baking is over. The hard work with your spatulas will give you a tasty yummylicious treat on the table every time.

Baking Is No Longer A Tough Job For Amateur Cooks

As Harris rightly said on his interview at Wired, “Cooking is an art, but baking is a science. Drop makes little pro tips that are dispersed across the internet available at the user’s fingertips. If a cook is unfamiliar with proper way to torch a crème brûlée, there’s instructional videos, delivered just-in-time.” What Drop brings to the table is pretty much an unimaginable treat for every baker out there. Be it in terms of the recipe finder, interactive cookbooks or digital timers, Drop has it all to make your baked goodies taste awesome each time.

Drop makes you a baking hero

Flawless baking isn’t going to be much of a hard work to achieve once you have an assistant Drop inside the kitchen. It can make the whole process of cooking so much more interesting and pleasurable at the same time. Not only for food enthusiasts but also for those who don’t prefer too much time in the kitchen. Currently the system is only applicable for iPads but we hope to see a lot coming in Android as well. Having won the best consumer hardware device at the Launch Festival in San Francisco earlier this year, the pre-order price right now is $80 which will later be $99 once released. Baking those perfect homemade cookies or shaping little cartoon cakes for your kids is just one step away to Drop! Happy Gadgeting!

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