Dry your 3D-printing filaments the right way with the JengaLabs Active Dryer

Dry your 3D printer filament properly with the JengaLabs Active Dryer. It provides a consistent temperature, preventing filament damage and spool deformation.

Dry your 3D-printing filaments the right way with the JengaLabs Active Dryer
JengaLabs Active Dryer does the job so much better

Ensure your 3D-printing filaments last longer and produces consistent results with the JengaLabs Active Dryer. It properly dries your nylon after use, removing both surface and internal moisture.

It’s essential to dry your 3D-printing filaments the right way, since nearly all thermoplastic materials can absorb moisture. In fact, undried nylon can ooze, bubble, crack, deform, and more—ruining your final product.

While you could use a conventional baking oven or heated plate, neither provides heated air circulation. The JengaLabs Active Dryer is different.

Dry your filaments with 360° air circulation

An innovative airflow and advanced heat-exchange mechanism make the JengaLabs Active Dryer different from a conventional oven or heat plate. The technique dries filament using hot air with 360° air circulation, allowing all filament surfaces to dry completely, without any missed spots.

Control all parameters with preset or custom-set profiles

What’s more, this 3D-printing filament dryer gives you total control over the drying process thanks to its temperature control and humidity monitor. These allow you to customize the drying to suit experimental materials or setups.

Otherwise, if you prefer a more streamlined solution, the JengaLabs Active Dryer also has preset drying profiles designed for common 3D-printing materials. That way, you can eliminate all the guesswork about drying times and temperatures.

JengaLabs Active Dryer with filament

Get better results when you use this filament dryer

Has your creation ever bubbled, wrapped, or cracked after printing? Undried filament was the likely culprit. Luckily, thoroughly drying your filament can prevent these issues.

Printing with material dried in the JengaLabs Active Dryer actually improves dimensional accuracy and reduces warping and deformation due to its high-performance drying.

According to the company, this kind of high-spec drying is important for high-hygroscopicity materials like Nylon, PETG, and engineering and advanced materials.

The company Kickstarter page writes that you can almost eliminate the 3D print failure rate due to material hygroscopicity by drying with this 3D printing filament dryer, saving you time and material costs. It also prevents jams or clots inside the printer.

Enjoy a flexible, modular filament dryer

The JengaLabs Active Dryer fits right into your creative setup with its elegant, modular design. It includes the Material Drying Unit (MDU) and Material Management Unit (MMU). Both of these have design elements inspired by vibrant Hong Kong.

The MDU contains the device’s heater, user interface elements, and airflow—the working components of the machine. And the MMU is a transparent compartment that houses up to 3 spools of 750 grams of filament rolls or 2 spools of 1- or 2-kilogram filament rolls. You can also stack the MMUs to store multiple materials.

The MMU also features a filament tube adapter that fits filaments sizes 1.75 mm, 2.85 mm, and 3 mm. Finally, the MMU comes with seals and covers that prevent the filaments from absorbing additional moisture while detached from the MDU.

Go for an inspired design

We mentioned above that this filament dryer has design features that take its inspiration from bustling Hong Kong. In fact, its neon lighting effects show the materials’ drying status at a glance.

For example, the neon light glows orange when the device is drying, green when the process starts, and blue during the cooling phase. These effects mimic Hong Kong’s neon street lights.

Choose a user-friendly filament dryer

While an oven, food dehydrator, or heat plate are viable filament drying options, they don’t balance usability, price, and functionality like the JengaLabs Active Dryer.

These methods don’t circulate the air around the filament and are largely uncontrolled. So you never really know what result you’ll get. They could even deform your filament from overexposure to high temperatures.

Since 3D printing filament is so expensive, why risk damaging it with a dryer that isn’t suitable for the task?

Read our final thoughts

Do you rely on 3D printers for your business or art? Add the JengaLabs Active Dryer to your setup. Its innovative airflow and temperature control features will improve your results and save you time and money. Say goodbye to 3D print failure and lengthen your filament’s lifespan with this useful dryer.

Preorder the JengaLabs Active Dryer for about $388 on Kickstarter. Would you love to use this product? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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