Easily Aerate Your Wine with These Special Chevalier Glasses

Easily Aerate Your Wine with These Special Chevalier Glasses

People talk often about wine in knowing terms, without any knowledge to back it up. Even the experts often contradict themselves. But there are a few key ideas that hold true. For instance, aeration is really important. Allowing an earthy red wine to breathe helps to diminish the unpleasant smell of sulphites and unlock a greater range of flavors. With the Chevalier Stemless Aerating Wine Glass, you need only pour your drink to start this process. The unique design helps your favored vintage to oxidize, ready for your refreshment.

– Unique design aerates your wine as it’s poured from the bottle

– Stemless shape makes it much more difficult to knock over this glass

– Holds seven ounces of your favorite vintage; stemmed version also available

Easily Aerate Your Wine

People have been aerating wine for centuries, but the scientific explanation for this process is far more recent. There are two chemical processes that occur when you aerate wine.

Oxidation is when oxygen from the air combines with compounds in the wine. It releases fruity and nutty flavors that might otherwise stay locked away. The other process, evaporation, takes away the unpleasant smell of sulphites. These chemicals are used in the winemaking process, but they smell like rotten eggs. Not terribly appetizing, I think you will agree.

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With the Chevalier wine glasses, you don’t need to give aeration a second thought. The design automatically pumps air into your wine, meaning you can enjoy the full flavor. It’s also much more stable than traditional glasses, so you’re less likely to stain the sofa.

aerate wine 04

A Breath of Fresh Air

The method by which the Chevalier glass aerates your wine is surprisingly simple. Inside the main vessel, there is what looks like a small sherry glass. As you pour the wine, this little container fills up. Around the base, small holes allow the wine to pour out into the main glass.

aerate wine 02

You can think of these wine jets as being like a waterfall. When any liquid falls at speed and hits a solid object, the air rushes in. In a waterfall, the white water at the base is filled with bubbles.

aerate wine 03

Don’t worry, the Chevalier won’t turn your Burgundy into Champagne. But it will release all the flavors listed on the label. Plus, you can even put a block of ice in the aerator for instant chill.

Chevalier easily aerate wine

Practical Design

Even without the aeration, this glass would be a nice thing to own. The shape is elegant and difficult to topple. For those of us with clumsy hands, this can save some nightmare spillages. Furthermore, the Chevalier glass is dishwasher-proof and built to last.

“The Stemless Aerating Wine Glass brings functionality to a mainstream trend in wine glass design. Completely handcrafted, the Stemless Aerating Wine Glass offers a truly unique and elegant way to aerate your wine or spirits. Pour into the aeration vessel in the center of the glass. The wine will cascade through, resulting in 7oz of aerated wine that’s mellowed and ready to please your palate pallet.”  — Chevalier Collection

What We Love

The best possible taste without any hassle. We also regard a stable wine glass as a party lifesaver.

Future Designs

Apart from unlimited free refills, there isn’t much you can add to this brilliant product!


– Order Now: Via chevaliercollection.com

– Price: $56 USD

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