The one accessory I think is an absolute staple is a pair of sunglasses. If you’re not feeling the greatest, wack on a pair and your face is instantly covered for a confidence boost just like the kid in Big Daddy. Same with a bad make up day or even if you’re trying to pull an outfit from drab to fab. Best of all, sunglasses never, ever go out of fashion (just look at Elton John). Sunglasses are meant to block out the brightness of the sun but to me they do so much more. And that is why the edlee Design Sunglasses are so simply amazing.

Designed to entice the world with a bit of Californian culture, the edlee Design Sunglasses transport you to a sunny place as soon as you put them on. These sunglasses truly echo the relaxing beach culture of the Golden State.


Made from sustainable materials, you can deflect the harmful UV rays of the sun totally guilt free. Each pair has been meticulously thought out and the grain of the wood can be seen from every angle. The quality polarized lenses are nestled inside the wood for each style and come in a variety of colors including a mirroring blue to reflect the sights you see.

edlee gif

The wood and bamboo of the edlee Design Sunglasses have been specifically cut, shaped, and contoured to feel comfortable enough to wear all day long. The nose bridges are sturdy to keep them in place yet they’re soft enough so you forget they’re there. Because of the lightweight materials, these sunglasses also float so you’ll never lose them while you’re out on the water. For many people I know, this feature pays for the sunglasses itself.


In total, there are nine styles of the edlee Design Sunglasses which fall into three categories. The Standard Line includes the Wave Series which do require the edlee ShadeStraps in order to float. The Premium Line features more styles, five in total, with varying shapes for the bridge and eyepieces. The Executive Line is where the beauty is. All three styles in this category have their own flair: one is made with rosewood, another with skateboard decks, and the final designed for sports with mirrored blue polarized lenses.

edlee up close

Currently live in Kickstarter having exceeding the $5k goal, the edlee Design Sunglasses are available for a discounted rate until the campaign ends on April 7th. You can pick up your own pair from any of the stylish lines and even take advantage of a bulk discount.

So, will you be reserving a pair of the Wave Series for just $25 or go bold and splurge on the Executive Line for the early bird price of $65?