Enjoy Epic Sound on the move with the GoDuo Portable Speakers

Enjoy Epic Sound on the move with the GoDuo Portable Speakers

No laptop can truly please the ears of an audiophile, and the speaker in your phone is barely worth listening to. With the GoDuo Magnetic Stereo Speakers, you can enjoy epic sound on the move. They stick together as one for transport, and pull apart to increase the stereo effect.

– Innovative design allows speakers to work together or apart

– Compact dimensions allow the speakers to fit in any bag

– 10-hour battery life and water-resistant shell

Epic sound anywhere

Due to size constraints, many portable speakers try to produce stereo sound. Unfortunately, the two sides just blend together. You really don’t get the stereo experience unless you have multiple speakers.

That’s where GoDuo comes in. In transport mode, this speaker system sticks together as one. But once you settle down with your favorite playlist, the two halves pull apart. As a result, you can enjoy full stereo sound without carrying around your home Hi-Fi system.

Considering each speaker measures just 3.6 inches high, the GoDuo pairing is very powerful. The sound quality is also superb, and you get 10 hours of battery life.

epic sound

The speakers use the latest Bluetooth technology to stay synced, with a range of 30 feet. In addition, they have an Aux input for older music players, and a built-in microphone for handsfree calls.

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Finally, there is the design to consider. The GoDuo speakers are undeniably handsome, but they’re also built for adventure. They are both water and shock resistant, and you can stick them on any magnetic surface.

“Our speakers have been tuned by the former Director of Acoustic Engineering of Philips, with the EQ tested and adjusted in the same audio lab that manufactures for SONY and Samsung.” GoDuo on Kickstarter

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What we ❤️

Premium stereo sound coming from a pretty pair of portable speakers.

Future designs

How about having surround sound with four speakers? ?


– Kickstarter: Until June 23rd

– Pledge: $79

– Delivery: July 2017

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