The Everybot RS500 Cleans Your Floors for You

The Everybot RS500 Cleans Your Floors for You

Having a clean home is always a priority for most of us. While dusting and doing dishes are fairly easy, tending to your floors is quite laborious. Between sweeping, smelly mops, and spilled water, you’re often left wondering if it’s even worth it. But with the Everybot RS500, clean floors are a reality because this device:
– has a set-it-and-forget-it setting
– features a smart water supply system
– adjusts to certain floor conditions

Compact and designed for the modern home, the Everybot RS500 is a robotic spin mop that leaves your floors spotless. From conquering a big mess to tackling the everyday grime, the Everybot RS500 is outfitted with smart sensors to handle it all.

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So Smart and So Clean Clean

The Everybot RS500 is equipped with a one-touch operation as well as various cleaning modes for ease of use. In Auto Mode, this clever device moves efficiently throughout the room to reach every surface. Intensive Cleaning Mode will allow the Everybot RS500 to focus on a single area that requires a little more elbow grease. The unique S-Curve Mode covers more space with less precision for those tight on time while the Y-Curve Mode gives a higher attention to detail.

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Human Intervention

Of course, no one knows your home like you do which is why the Everybot RS500 has two options for you to step in. Using the included remote, you can activate the Manual Mode to guide and control the device (added bonus: it makes cleaning feel like a game with toys). Alternatively, you can hold the Everybot RS500 by its built-in handle to clean anywhere – including tabletops and windows!

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Power and Finesse

The secret to the overall clean from the Everybot RS500 is what’s inside. The device is powered by a 5700 RPM motor and features a dual-spin mop system to scrub away every inch in its path. The smart water supply kit adds just the right amount of water as necessary. Finally, the patented microfiber mop heads work in tandem to capture the smallest particles without harming your floors. All of this pairs with the intelligent sensors so the Everybot RS500 doesn’t bump into furniture, cause damage, or even fall down the stairs.

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What We Love

This device is anyone’s dream come true! On-demand floor cleaning (and all hard surfaces!) has never been so effortless.

What We’d Like to See

With the rounded edges, we’re not sure it could fully clean corners. Perhaps another mode with an auxiliary angled element could get the job totally finished.


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– Shipping: March 2017

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