Experience the ultimate Tesla camping adventure with the Tentsla X1

Looking for a spacious home away from home on the road? Check out the Tentsla X1. It's the ultimate glamping solution for Tesla owners.

Experience the ultimate Tesla camping adventure with the Tentsla X1
Tentsla X1 elevates your Tesla camping experience

Go glamping with your Tesla when you have the Tentsla X1 Tesla camping solution. This Tesla camping tent creates a cozy outdoor spot for you and your Tesla. It’s weather-resistant, portable, quick to set up, and more.

Want a camping experience with more of the comforts of home? That’s what the Tentsla X1 offers. Created for Tesla owners, it keeps your electric car at the front and center of your camping adventure.

Sound interesting? Let’s check out this new product in detail.

Tentsla X1 intro video

Works with Tesla’s newly released Camp mode

One of this product’s most important features is its compatibility with Tesla’s Camp mode. According to the company’s Kickstarter campaign, the tent is designed to complement it.

For instance, the triple-layer trunk connection helps maintain circulation and retain temperature and airflow inside the tent area, just as the Camp mode does inside the car. This lets you keep the tent cooler on warm nights and warmer on cool ones.

Then, the Tentsla X1’s open design lets you make full use of the low-power mode, making it easy to access devices plugged into your car. It’s the ideal way to keep your tent comfortable.

Redefines outdoor family excursions

Tired of sleeping in cramped, uncomfortable tents during outdoor adventures? With this Tesla camping tent, you have ample space. In fact, it can fit up to 4 people with its extended 7.2′ x 7.1′ room.

That’s right, this tent has enough space for a family of 4, ensuring everyone sleeps soundly and safely while camping. It’s also a comfortable spot to hang out and talk.

Saves you camp setup time

When you take well-deserved time off to go camping, you don’t want to spend it setting up complicated tents. And that’s another area where this Tesla camping tent shines.

It boasts a quick 5-minute setup using an air pump, letting you spend more time fishing, hiking, canoeing, etc. And, don’t worry, the deflation time is also only a 5-minute process. Meanwhile, the tent fits easily in a small tote bag for storage in any space.

Resists rainy weather with a thoughtful design

Does the forecast call for rain during your camping adventure? The Tentsla X1 Tesla can handle it with its 210D Oxford, silver-coated, and 410D Anti Slip coated floors. With this material, it can withstand 3,000 to 6,000 milliliters of water pressure.

What’s more, the design and material retain heat—the interior temperature can increase by around 48°F to 68° after just 5 minutes of using camp mode A/C. Moreover, the temperature difference between the tent and the car was just 7°F, as beta tested by the Iowa Tesla Guy.

Has mosquito netting and a multiuse canopy

The Tentsla X1 also has features that make camping more comfortable than ever—namely, the mosquito netting and multiuse canopy.

The mosquito netting covers the trunk and bumper with a double-layer fly and window fabrics. In fact, all the tent windows are covered by this fabric. And, not only does it keep bugs and rain at bay, but it also allows you to enjoy the fresh air while you sleep.

Meanwhile, the multiuse canopy offers a stunning 180° view of your campgrounds. Use it to enjoy nature without worrying about rain while you drink coffee, eat breakfast, or just catch up with the family.

Travels easily in your Tesla

Having a tent that fits easily in your Tesla just makes sense. And this Tesla camping tent fits easily in your electric vehicle’s trunk.

Actually, it also fits in the TMY Frunk as well as the lower trunk of the TMY, letting you transport it pretty much any way you like. You don’t need a truck, SUV, or any other high-capacity vehicle—your Tesla can carry everything you need for a camping adventure, including this tent.

Make glamping easier and more practical

While glamping sure is fun, it requires a good bit of planning and preparation. You have to bring portable ACs, air pump units, generators, and more.

But, when you camp with your Tesla, you’re already bringing a huge electric battery with you. One that keeps the interior climate steady and powers your devices.

This tent helps you make the most of Tesla’s camp mode,making it easier to go glamping on a whim. There’s less to prepare, letting you spend more time in the wilderness.

Upgrade your Tesla camping adventure with the Tentsla X1

If you camp with your Tesla, the Tentsla X1 is a worthwhile purchase. It makes glamping with your favorite electric vehicle better than ever with its ample space, temperature insulation, and expansive views.

Even better, it’s easy to set up and transport, making it a natural addition to your outdoor adventures. Want to help bring this project to life? Preorder it for $599 on Kickstarter.

What do you love about this gadget? Let us know in the comments.

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