Fineck: Enhance Your Posture, Track Your Fitness Goals

Fineck: Enhance Your Posture, Track Your Fitness Goals

Smartphones and computers are great for productivity. Unfortunately, such tools can be harmful to your health. Your best weapon against the prolonged use of gadgets is a highly robust wearable called Fineck.

Fineck wearable for fitness and posture

Modern Health Optimization

Fineck is a wearable that focuses on your posture. The discreet necklace closely monitors your neck movements throughout the day and tells you when you’re slouching or bending in weird angles.

Unlike other wearables out in the market today, this device takes an active approach to holistic health improvement. In theory, bad posture is associated with numerous underlying sicknesses.

By addressing the neck, users are prone to less stress and common ailments.

Fineck official app with tracking

Built To Last

The smart necklace is made out of titanium. At first glance, you’ll notice the gadget doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. It matches most lifestyles and wardrobes. You can wear it to work, while working out and even during events.

The smart gadget is waterproof and connects to a user’s smartphone through Bluetooth. For now, the official Fineck app is limited to iOS platforms. An Android version is currently in development.

Battery life isn’t an issue with this essential health tool. 1-hour charge equals 7 days of usage. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

Fineck smart fitness tracker

Not Another Smartwatch

Fineck is a unique wearable because it doesn’t cram average features into a small device. It doesn’t have a screen for social media notifications. You can’t message your friends using the fitness gadget or initiate simple commands.

But that’s okay because you don’t need it to do any of that stuff.

If you’re always trying to find the right balance between your life and consumption of digital tools, then Fineck is what you need. It’s not trying get your attention 24/7 like your other devices.

Instead, it keeps you going and pushes you to live freely.

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